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2017 Royal Surrey NHS County Hospital: Midstream Urine in Obstetrics: reduction from 6.7% to 2.5%

Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust, Guildford Dr Michelle Jie, ST1 Obstatrics & Gynaecology Dr Michael Adamczyk, ST3 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr Karen Morton, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Introduction Urinary tract infection (UTI) can affect up to approximately one fifth of women at some point in their life1. The incidence is even higher in the […]

2017 Barts NHS Hospital London: Urine sample contamination from 23% to 1.5% using Peezy Midstream

Quality Improvement Audit: Specimen mixed growth reduced from 17% to 1.5% A comparative historic Quality Improvement Audit of specimens collected in Urology Clinic, with results recorded in Microbiology: Peezy Midstream was used by patients required to provide a midstream urine specimen (MSU). The lids of the urine specimen containers were marked with a coloured sticker […]

Forte on FemTech opportunity at MedTech Integrates

Femtech: Innovation and Opportunity was one of the highlights of the inaugural MedTech Integrates. Chaired by Economic Development Consultant Linda di Mario, taking in the impact of overlooked female healthcare to the economy and more, FemTech provided lively debate. Taking part were Giovanna Forte, Karen Taylor the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, Elena Mustatea of […]

“I wish Peezy was an NHS standard.”

“I am 30 weeks pregnant and have used Peezy Midstream to collect my urine samples. As I get bigger I really appreciate how easy it is to use compared to the usual cardboard bowl. I wish the NHS provided Peezy Midstream as an antenatal standard.” Cordelia McKinley, Northern Ireland.

Cleancatch urine: crucial for an accurate UTI test.

LiveUTIFree, a US patient advocacy group for urological health has published a candid article about the diagnostic process for UTI. The elusive cleancatch sample is essential for accurate diagnosis, yet is often overlooked. Read why they believe Peezy Midstream is the answer to more diligent urological diagnoses. Cleancatch urine: crucial for an accurate UTI test.

Preventative practice: why change is needed.

Giovanna explains how prevention has slipped from top of the health agenda to be replaced by treatment, an apparent priority approach. However, if multiple burdens on the NHS and our labs are to be reduced, change is needed now. Read what she has to say here. MedTech Integrates takes place online, Tuesday 15th October. Giovanna […]