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E2E Ambassador, FemTech Pioneer and Entrepreneur; the journey is here!

Leading British Entrepreneur network E2E highlight Forte Medical’s work in FemTech, led by co-founder Giovanna Forte, who has spearheaded the commercialisation of Dr Vincent Forte’s invention. An NHS of over 20 years, Giovanna’s brother Vincent recognised the problem of routine failed analysis, diagnosis and treatment of women’s Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and solved the problem with […]

GIRFT Pathology Report: low midstream urine sample submission to labs

The recentlly published GIRFT Pathology National Speciality Report recommends that NHS and laboratory providers audit urine collection methods to meet higher sample standards. “On our deep dives [we found] that some labs had low levels of MSU submissions … and significant variation in rejection rates for urine samples for microbiology analysis.” the report states. “We […]

UTI: lack of urine collection protocol leads to female health misery

“Urine testing is an area of increasing importance in the medical diagnosis of common conditions such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and antenatal screening for healthy pregnancies,” says Giovanna Forte, CEO of Forte Medical. “Yet there is no protocol for its collection, leading to inaccurate diagnoses and treatment as well as untold misery for millions […]

Government calls on women to spill the beans on female health issues.

Forte Medical is routinely contacted by women whose UTI issues are left untreated or ignored by their GP. They describe being prescribed broad spectrum antibiotics that don’t work, followed by repeat prescriptions given without a specimen culture to identify the problem. Shockingly many are told the problem is “in your head” … the time has […]

Giovanna Forte elected joint VP, British Association of Women Entrepreneurs

The British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) announced this week the election of Giovanna Forte as joint Vice President with fellow female founder Hellen Ward. “Giovanna is an #innovator, #inventor, successful #marketeer, #entrepreneur and a ‘getting things done’ person.” said Rachel Cappuccini, spokesperson for BAWE. Giovanna is delighted to have accepted the role and looks […]