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Urine the money: £240,000 raised with CrowdCube

Forte Medical is thrilled to have reached a £239,980 investment through CrowdCube. “The fundraising process with CrowdCube was simple, straightforward, effective and quick,” says Giovanna Forte, our CEO. “After dealing with so-called investment brokers who demand fees and then raise no investment at all, with Angel Groups who dismissed our opportunity in a nano-second and […]

We’re fundraising with CrowdCube!

Forte Medical is fundraising with CrowdCube. Investment raised will help us transform point of care testing for women, the world over. If you or a loved one has suffered from Urinary Tract Infection, or struggled to provide a gold-standard midstream urine sample when pregnant, our mission at Forte Medical is to transform the process into […]

Is the NHS Value Based Procurement programme designed for us?

Forte Medical is delighted to learn of the new NHS Value Based Procurement programme. This welcome initiative presents a transformed procurement landscape for Peezy Midstream, the evidence-based device that is shown to significantly reduce retesting and false positives sent unnecessarily to the lab, whilst improving analysis, diagnosis and treatment for women’s urological and prenatal point […]

Enterpreneurship: women CAN have it all. Just not all at the same time.

Our CEO Giovanna Forte was invited to deliver a talk about Entrepreneurship to students at her alma mater, Mayfield School for Girls. Speaking alongside counterpart professionals from the RAF, Charities Sector, Army and Structural Engineering, Giovanna outlined the core values of entrepreneurship: changemaking, the realisation of savvy well researched ideas, challenging the status-quo and independence. […]

Forte Medical Co-Founder: Trailblazing Leader in Women’s Health

Giovanna Forte, our very own CEO and co-founder of Forte Medical has been nominated a Trailblazing Leader in Women’s Health by Women of Wearables, the female-led organisation that promotes just just the women doing the work but their work that is transforming health for millions of women. Giovanna co-funded the business together with her brother […]

Medical devices can help prevent sepsis and the rise of AMR

“With between 15 and 20% of cases in high income countries being caused by urinary tract infection, and with resistance to first-line treatment among the most common urinary pathogens running as high as 50% in some regions, any product which improves diagnostic accuracy will not only improve outcomes for individual patients but is also likely […]

Are women on the AMR frontline due to poor UTI & prenatal urine specimen collection?

Failure to ensure midstream urine collection for urinary tract infection (UTI) and prenatal urine collection combined with failure of clinicians to identify problem bacteria before prescribing, leads to unnecessary or badly targeted antibiotics being prescribed to between 34%-60% of women presenting with UTI – thats between 5.1m – 9m women annually. Is failure to meet […]

Accelerate to Excel: why does only 2% of investment reach female founders?

The Entrepreneur’s Network/Beauhurst Accelerate to Excel report highlights the woeful 2% of investment reaching female founders. Female-founded businesses often last longer and are more successful than those of their male counterparts. The question is: why does this remain the status quo? Like Tessa Clarke of Olio featured in The Observer, Giovanna Forte our CEO has […]

Womens UTI and maternal health: fact sheet

Global guidance specifies midstream urine (MSU) for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and prenatal screening, yet there is no protocol to ensure guidelines are met, leading to unreliable samples, contaminated with bacteria and flora washed from the skin into the urine sample creating an unreliable diagnostic outcome and flushing taxpayer money down the loo. Peezy Midstream […]