About Forte Medical

The specimen collection company


Dr Vincent Forte, NHS GP of 25 years, Forensic Physician and co-author of Symptom Sorter 
Giovanna Forte, Entrepreneur and Businesswoman

Forte Medical designs, manufactures and sells highly engineered Medtech devices that exploit the immense value of urine for routine and specialist diagnostic tests. Urine has become hugely important for novel liquid biopsy early stage cancer tests that rely on specimen accuracy and integrity. No other comparable, accurate, hygienic and reliable urine collection device exists.

1.78bn diagnostic urine specimens are estimated to be delivered globally. An average of 1 in 4 of these are wasted due to contamination from the patient and through multiple handling and decanting across the system; unlike blood sample collection, there is no appropriate international standard or protocol for the collection of urine specimens. Forte Medical is working to eliminate delayed point of care diagnoses and treatment and save the £$millions quite literally being flushed down the toilet the world over.

The Specimen Collection comprises three new urine collection devices designed to deliver accuracy to novel early stage cancer tests and sports dope testing. Together with Peezy Midstream each will be commercialised with Digital and Smart technologies to make point of care diagnostics faster and more accurate than ever before.

Global urine screening costs are estimated at £1.7b and growing; the waste of money and lives from inaccuracy needs to be tackled today. Forte Medical can help healthcare providers the world over achieve clinical diagnostic integrity.

Forte Medical holds near-global patents, regulatory approvals plus FDA and MHRA listings for Peezy Midstream; it has four devices in its portfolio with Peezy Midstream currently being introduced to healthcare providers in the UK, USA and Europe.

The company is working on the development of Smart Peezy, a precision, point of care device; this digital technology will be applied to each of the company’s new devices, expanding it’s market into the realm of consumer healthcare.

Who’s who

Giovanna Forte

Giovanna Forte

Founding Director & CEO

Giovanna is credited within bringing her GP brother’s invention to life. She invested personally in his idea, to explore design and material R&D, secure IP rights and ultimately attract investment from the GLA Early Growth Fund in 2006. As CEO she realised the successful launch of Peezy Midstream, established credible clinical evidence, developed PR, marketing, sales campaigns and has overseen the ongoing investment needs of the business. Specimen collection is arguably the most basic procedure required for analysis, diagnosis and treatment of myriad conditions; Giovanna’s desire to improve these often messy processes drove engagement with clinicians, microbiologists and patients. Her inquiry and love of good design has led to development of The Specimen Collection.

Adam Mumford

Board Director

Adam joined the Board following a significant investment by Owen Mumford Limited, the company of which he is also a Director. Adam’s experience in MedTech, manufacture, sales and export is proving invaluable to Forte Medical. Owen Mumford’s US Counterpart Owen Mumford Inc is the company’s exclusive distributor in the USA and Canada.

Philip Kennedy

Philip Kennedy

Non-Executive Director

Philip has over twenty years of experience in healthcare, covering the development and launch of a number of new single use products. After completing an MBA at Henley, Philip joined a start-up technology business and raised over $10m in funding. He has overseen the growth and sale of healthcare SMEs. In March 2015, Philip was elected as Chair of the Association of British Healthcare Industries. He joins Forte Medical at the most exciting phase of the company’s growth.

Owen Jones

Owen Jones

Operations Manager

Owen joined Forte Medical in 2012 having been Correspondence Manager to the Secretary of State at the Department for Energy and Climate Change having previously enjoyed a spell at the House of Commons. Owen works closely with Forte Medical’s manufacturing partner, managing stock and fulfilment control; he also oversees Company Secretarial and legal matters. Owen plays a pivotal role in sales, marketing, and customer care and manages day to day business.