About Forte Medical

The specimen collection company

In 2001 NHS GP Dr Vincent Forte puzzled over the number of women returning to his surgery after failed antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infection. Investigations revealed a problem with urine specimen quality and difficulty in collecting the midstream, which contains vital information for accurate analysis. Without this, results were often equivocal because of mixed growth masking the real cause of infection. Midstream would deliver what was needed for prompt, targeted treatment.

Vincent patented Female Freedom Funnel in 2002, winning the inaugural Medical Futures Innovation Award. After four years of the project lying fallow, Vincent asked his sister Giovanna to help him realise the potential of his invention so that women and men the world over could benefit from right-first-time, hygienic specimen collection, analysis, diagnosis and treatment. In 2006 the siblings sought outside investment and the business began in earnest.

After detailed design development, manufacturing trials and a lot of persistence, Peezy™ Midstream launched in 2010. By 2012 the design evolved into a cheaper, single injection moulded piece; in 2014 Peezy improved further to incorporate both urine specimen collection tubes in common use.

Having succeeded in making right-first-time, preventative basic medicine available to all – and with many lessons learned – Forte Medical is now designing a range of new products: Peezy First Stream for a variety of novel early stage cancer urine tests, the Peezy Stool collection kit and Peezy Detector for more reliable and hygienic sports dope testing.

All manufacturing complies with ISO13485:2016; products are CE marked and design registered. With a comprehensive global product patent portfolio in place, the copyright “Peezy” brand is also trademarked.

Who's Who

Forte Medical has a small dedicated team around which a satellite of professionals provide expert, targeted services as and when they are needed.

Giovanna Forte Founding Director & CEO Read More

Giovanna is credited within bringing her GP brother’s invention to life. She invested personally in his idea, to explore design and material R&D, secure IP rights and ultimately attract investment from the GLA Early Growth Fund in 2006. As CEO she realised the successful launch of Peezy Midstream, established credible clinical evidence, developed PR, marketing, sales campaigns and has overseen the ongoing investment needs of the business. Specimen collection is arguably the most basic procedure required for analysis, diagnosis and treatment of myriad conditions; Giovanna’s desire to improve these often messy processes drove engagement with clinicians, microbiologists and patients. Her inquiry and love of good design has led to development of The Specimen Collection.

Philip Kennedy Non-Executive Director Read more

Philip has over twenty years of experience in healthcare, covering the development and launch of a number of new single use products. After completing an MBA at Henley, Philip joined a start-up technology business and raised over $10m in funding. He has overseen the growth and sale of healthcare SMEs. In March 2015, Philip was elected as Chair of the Association of British Healthcare Industries. He joins Forte Medical at the most exciting phase of the company’s growth.

Owen Jones Operations Manager Read More

Owen joined Forte Medical in 2012 having been Correspondence Manager to the Secretary of State at the Department for Energy and Climate Change having previously enjoyed a spell at the House of Commons. Owen works closely with Forte Medical’s manufacturing partner, managing stock and fulfillment control; he also oversees Company Secretarial and legal matters. Owen plays a pivotal role in sales, marketing, and customer care and manages day to day business.

Dr Katherine Brown Scientific Advisor Read More

Katherine is an academic based in the UK and US with over 100 peer-reviewed publications.   With over 25 years in medical applications, she has extensive expertise in biochemistry, biophysics, infectious diseases and bio/nanotechnology.

Nicola Hyde Communications Consultant Read More

An experienced PR professional, Nicola’s strengths lie in her ability to create highly targeted strategies and to craft a PR story to meet the interests of specific audiences. Best of all, her skills produce results that are implicit to the growth of Forte Medical.

Dr Vincent Forte Founding Director and Consultant Read more

Vincent worked within the NHS for 26 years, as a family GP for 21 and Forensic Physician for a decade. In General Practice, Vincent often saw women several times for urinary conditions that he had already treated; investigations into the possible causes of failed treatment led to his “urethra moment”. It transpired that specimen mixed growth was masking the true cause of UTI, preventing targeted prescribing and Peezy Midstream was born. Vincent was also an established medical writer having co-written leading Primary Care reference bible Symptom Sorter. A regular contributor to print, web and broadcast media he wrote over 500 articles for medical and lay readership and was a medical consultant to Readers’ Digest. He retired from General Practice in 2013 on medical grounds.