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MedTech20: Gordon Andersen interviews Giovanna Forte

Healthcare innovation, prevention and why the most common diagnostic process is overlooked. Gordon Andersen of AG Executive Selection and Search interviews Giovanna Forte. Watch here.

Entrepreneur interview live on LinkedIn with Amanda Thomson

Giovanna Forte was pleased and proud to be Amanda Thomson’s first guest on her new Interviews with Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn Live. Click here to listen to the 20 minute conversation.

Forte on FemTech opportunity at MedTech Integrates

Femtech: Innovation and Opportunity was one of the highlights of the inaugural MedTech Integrates. Chaired by Economic Development Consultant Linda di Mario, taking in the impact of overlooked female healthcare to the economy and more, FemTech provided lively debate. Taking part were Giovanna Forte, Karen Taylor the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, Elena Mustatea of […]

USA: Patients can buy Peezy Midstream directly

Owen Mumford Inc, our Sales and Distribution partner has met growing demand from patients for direct access to Peezy Midstream. The evidence-based, gold standard urine collection kit is now available to patients through Total Diabetes Care.

“I wish Peezy was an NHS standard.”

“I am 30 weeks pregnant and have used Peezy Midstream to collect my urine samples. As I get bigger I really appreciate how easy it is to use compared to the usual cardboard bowl. I wish the NHS provided Peezy Midstream as an antenatal standard.” Cordelia McKinley, Northern Ireland.

October News Review.

Click here for the latest News Review: on Patient Safety, Infection Control, Home Testing and more.

Cleancatch urine: crucial for an accurate UTI test.

LiveUTIFree, a US patient advocacy group for urological health has published a candid article about the diagnostic process for UTI. The elusive cleancatch sample is essential for accurate diagnosis, yet is often overlooked. Read why they believe Peezy Midstream is the answer to more diligent urological diagnoses. Cleancatch urine: crucial for an accurate UTI test.

Preventative practice: why change is needed.

Giovanna explains how prevention has slipped from top of the health agenda to be replaced by treatment, an apparent priority approach. However, if multiple burdens on the NHS and our labs are to be reduced, change is needed now. Read what she has to say here. MedTech Integrates takes place online, Tuesday 15th October. Giovanna […]

September is Urology Awareness Month: call for an end to failed urine tests!

Protocol for urine collection needed now more than ever.Preventative practice in the most overlooked area of female medicine is being ignored to the detriment of millions of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) sufferers. The biggest problem behind untreated UTI is the lack of protocol for the collection of clean-catch specimen, leading to failed diagnosis and treatment, […]

Interview: MedTech success, women’s health, antibiotics, … and the vested interests of big business.

TheSistrApp interview with Giovanna Forte: the MedTech innovation journey, design, development, bringing integrity to basic routine women’s health … and the vested interests of big business that delay cost-saving innovation uptake. Find the InstaLiveTV interview here.

UTI diagnostic methods from 1500AD to 2020AD: little has changed.

In 1500, clinicians checked the colour of patient urine to establish the level of infection. Today Healthcare Professionals are still relying on dipstick technology without considering the quality of the specimen, leading to over prescribing of antibiotics. With UTI mainly a female issue, this puts women on the frontline of antibiotic immunity. Peezy Midstream reduces […]

2012 Back to the future: NHS GP Dr Vincent Forte on his patient safety innovation.

Dr Vincent Forte invented Peezy Midstream to help diagnose his female patients’ UTI problems first time, bringing hygiene and dignity to the urine collection process. In his own words, this is why Peezy was created. Vincent is also co-author of medical textbook Symptom Sorter, used in medical schools and by doctors across the world. Hyperlinked […]

Breathing life into science: Peezy Midstream

Specialist lifescience recruitment business Austin Vita invited Giovanna Forte, Forte Medical CEO to deliver the first episode of its new “Breathing life into science” mini-series. One routine day in Surgery, NHS GP Dr Vincent Forte had a Urethra Moment – and inadvertently alighted on the biggest problem that healthcare providers don’t know they have. Urine […]

Pilot trial of Midstream Urine Collection device verses Transurethral Catheter

Baylor Scott and White in Temple, Texas, is a healthcare provider with an eye on innovation and improvement to patient health and experience. When scientific researcher Rachel High expressed an interest in comparing the quality of a Peezy Midstream urine sample to the transurethral catheter method often used in Urology Clinic, we agreed to provide […]

Peezy Midstream in the Academy of Fab NHS Stuff

When Professor Frank Chinegwundoh, Consultant Urological Surgeon told us of a routine 23.5% urine specimen contamination rate in his clinic at the Royal London Hospital, we asked if he would like to see if Peezy Midstream would lead to better outcomes. His interest was piqued and in total 66 patients provided samples as part of […]

AngelAcademe closes Forte Medical funding with female investors

April saw the closing of a healthy six-figure investment from female Angels. These successful entrepreneurs invest through AngelAcademe, a leading supporter of women-led business. Love and Urine a Q&A with Forte Medical’s CEO arrived swiftly online. Read it here.

Mind the Vulture! Cautionary fundraising tales for every SME.

Our COVID economy is not the SME’s friend. As Government steers us towards a variety of funding routes – down-valued shares, loans with onerous strings attached – my investment experiences may provide useful intelligence for enterprising counterparts and peers. Be warned, your company’s best interests are not always central to investor intent. Forte Medical will soon […]

Peezy Midstream: healthcare leaders, opinion formers and influencers on film.

Dr Liam Farrell talks with leading healthcare opinion formers and influencers about the need for better urine-based diagnostic pathways. Join them to hear how and why an innovation like Peezy Midstream can transform patient care and save lives. Thanks to: Dr Liam Farrell, Medical Writer, retired NHS GP / Dr Vincent Forte, Inventor, retired NHS […]

No test is better than a bad test (why peripheral vision for routine diagnostics is needed now.)

Today’s news reports that patients with routine health problems are not coming forward for fear of breaking a system overburdened by COVID-19. These fears risk delaying diagnosis and treatment of routine infections, putting patient health at risk and storing up trouble for months and years ahead.  Giovanna Forte explains how untapped HealthTech innovation can speed […]

Georgia USA: Peezy Midstream to reduce public health lab workload

Forte Medical’s US partner Owen Mumford Inc in Georgia USA, is working with the Governor’s Office, GEMA, Homeland Security and the Department of Public Health to provide critical medical devices to hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals who are facing resource and supply shortages.  Five hundred thousand Unistik® safety lancets and 5,000 Peezy® urine specimen collection kits will […]

Peezy Midstream White Paper: evidence review

We are pleased to deliver our first Peezy Midstream White Paper, summarising the most important clinical evidence to date, showing reduced urine specimen contamination and false-positives using Peezy Midstream. Made in the UK, this world-first tool for routine diagnostic improvement is undergoing NICE Guidance Review.

Peezy Midstream in pictures: fewer retests, GP visits, antibiotics. Hand hygiene implicit.

Our new Infographic explains how no-spill, hygienic Peezy Midstream supports routine and prenatal female health by capturing the mid-flow sample for right-first-time treatment. Peezy is a world-first system, that improves infection control, reduces false-positive dipped samples by up to 70% – and contamination from a national average 22.5% to as low as 0%. Peezy Midstream […]

Revalidation of urine sample collection methods, quality, contamination

A new study by Dr Linda Collins, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Kingston and St George’s revalidates assumptions about urinary sample collection methods, quality and contamination. The manuscript is published in the International Urogynecology Journal. Dr Collins observes: “If midstream is believed to be important the [Peezy] MSU collection device is advantageous.” The study explores […]

Forte joins AMR Insights Ambassadors working to reduce global antibiotic immunity

Forte Medical CEO Giovanna Forte has joined the ranks of AMR Insights Ambassadors, a body of life sciences opinion formers and leaders committed to eliminating Antimicrobial resistance. AMR Insights does not accept that millions of innocent people need to die as a result of resistant bacteria and other microorganisms. Forte Medical’s work to reduce unnecessary […]

Medical Device Network: why does urine quality matter?

Urinary tract infections affect an estimated four million women in the UK every year, but in clinical settings they can often go undiagnosed or mistreated due to the inadequate state of urine sampling. Peezy Midstream is designed to improve the quality of urine samples – but how does it work and why does it matter? […]

LiveUTIFree: our patient partner in the USA and beyond

When it comes to influential patient support and information around urinary tract infection, there are fewer more pertinent partners for Peezy Midstream than LiveUTIFree. We are thrilled to be working with a partner that works only with the most apposite research and educational institutions where evidence and patient care is paramount to work that benefits […]

Peezy Midstream takes centre stage on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Designed by a retired NHS GP, Peezy Midstream, a pioneering British innovation for accurate urine collection to improve early accurate diagnosis of urinary tract infection (UTI) will be included in “Everyone Wins’ goodie bags in Hollywood on 9th February.” Read the full press release here.

Wales Primary Care: Peezy Midstream adoption

“Better outcomes for patients in the quickest and safest manner” is the overarching conclusion of a Public Health Wales Clinical Study on Peezy Midstream in primary care. The study, published here for the first time, reveals that GPs can reap significant savings in cost, time and unnecessary microbiology investigations when using Peezy Midstream for patients […]

Diagnostics: prevention, detection and treatment for the NHS Long Term Plan

The ABHI (Association of British HealthTech Industries) has released its Dx paper showing HealthTech’s role in delivering the NHS Long Term Plan. Case Study 8 features Peezy Midstream and how it is tackling the annual £122m currently wasted on unreliable urine testing across the UK NHS. Download the ABHI Dx Diagnostics Long Term Plan document […]

US Partnership Deal With Owen Mumford Announced

The partnership between Forte Medical and Owen Mumford USA was launched today at the OCTANe Medical Innovation Technology Forum (MTIF) at Newport Beach, CA 28-29 October 2019.  Introducing Peezy Midstream to the USA has long been an ambition of Forte Medical. Our disruptive and innovative MedTech called for a partner with experience, knowledge and a savvy mindset. We found […]

Antibiotics, better tests, UTI: Guardian publishes Forte response

A rise in persistent UTIs could be linked to antibiotic crackdown appeared in The Guardian on Saturday 5th October. As usual, no-one mentioned accurate basic specimen collection, which can lead to unwarranted specimen quality variation, failed analysis and less-than-targeted prescribing. Giovanna Forte had something to say. Click here to read her published letter.

The Practising Midwife AMR in pregnancy feature

Unreliable urine screening in pregnancy can lead to the prescribing of antibiotics that may not be needed. Our feature on page 12 of The Practising Midwife outlines the dangers of unnecessary antibiotic use in pregnancy and how antimicrobial resistance can be triggered in the womb. Accurate urine collection is a powerful tool to take women […]

The Lancet: UTI Guidelines are not followed

The Lancet: Lower Urinary Tract Infections (LUTS): Management Outcomes and Risk Factors for Antibiotic Re-prescription in Primary Care . This study (link here) states that implications of all the available evidence confirms that guidelines for investigation of UTI are not being followed, findings which chime with Forte Medical’s experience of UTI diagnosis. Simply, without an […]

Dr Liam Farrell, Primary Care Advisor to Forte Medical

Forte Medical is delighted to welcome Dr Liam Farrell as Advisor to the company on Primary Care matters. A UCD Graduate, Liam was a family doctor in Crossmaglen for 20 years and MacMillan Fellow in Palliative Care during the 1990s. His award-winning columns have been collected into an erudite, amusing and often touching book Are […]

MedTech Innovation Briefing: Peezy Midstream

Five years ago we met with NICE to find out how to generate a MedTech Innovation Briefing paper. “More evidence,” they said. “Oh, and a cost savings model and Clinical Champions will help too.” With all that and more, we are proud to announce the NICE MedTech Innovation Briefing paper for Peezy Midstream.

Clinical antenatal evidence: 70% false-positive reduction

When NHS West Hertfordshire Patient Safety Midwife Sylvia Bone found a Peezy Midstream kit in a cupboard, she called us to ask if she could run a trial. Of course, we said yes. Read about her astounding results at professional midwifery educational exemplar platform All4Maternity

GIRFT Pathology: Peezy Midstream in pre-operative screening

Tom Lewis, Consultant Microbiologist at North Devon NHS Trust and Pathology Lead for the Department of Health’s Getting It Right First Time programme (GIRFT), today posted on the GIRFT Pathology blog his initial findings of improved microbiology screening of pre-operative urine specimens using Peezy Midstream. Read his full report here. Existing clinical evidence supports the […]

Loyola Medical School Chicago publish Peezy Midstream clinical trial evidence

A clinical trial to ascertain reduced bacterial contamination in Peezy Midstream collected urine specimens has been published by the Loyola Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. The Clinical Trial, a collaboration between Departments of Microbiology, Urology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology, concludes that Peezy Midstream delivers a much better ‘clean catch’ midstream urine specimen than either traditional […]

The value of urinalysis in antenatal settings

Informative article in The Practising Midwife by Editor and Senior Midwifery Lecturer at University of Central Lancashire, Anna Byrom, reviewing the evidence and practice around this important area of health in the ante-natal sector. Full article can be found in the March issue below on page eight

New study concludes midstream urine optimises point of care accuracy

An interesting study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care which concludes: “MSU samples should be used in general practice for optimal accuracy of POC tests.” Click here for more information Sampling of urine for diagnosing urinary tract infection in general practice – First-void or mid-stream urine? Hoelmkjaer Pernille, Bjerrum Lars, Mäkelä Marjukka, […]

Comment: The Basic Diagnostic Failure That Affects 1 in 3 Women

Its time to reignite our NHS! Now our beloved health system has been blessed with new funding, we can furnish every hospital and GP practice with the latest digital technology and AI. We can burnish the reputations of our healthcare leaders because they have modernized patient care.  It seems it is so much easier to […]

Comment On Incentivising Companies To Develop New Antibiotics

It is very interesting to read that pharma companies are to be incentivised to develop new antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR). A significant yet consistently overlooked contribution to the problem of AMR is unreliable urine collection and analysis, which leads to the staggeringly high rates of broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribing that is fuelling the AMR […]

Urine Is Liquid Gold When It Comes To Testing

Today’s Hippocratic Post features an overview on the importance of urine and the evidence supporting why our technology plays such a vital role in enabling right-first-time diagnosis and treatment.  

GoToGrow – The Mayor’s International Business Programme

We are delighted to have joined the Mayor’s International Business Programme as part of their 11th Cohort of the Go To Grow programme. Partly funded by the ERDF, the Programme supports innovative SMEs helps scale-up to expand overseas.  Over the next 12 months, we will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, attend trade missions […]

ABHI Reception – The Role of HealthTech In Saving Lives

We attended the ABHI Parliamentary Reception last night and CEO Giovanna Forte had the opportunity to speak with The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care about how Forte Medical’s technology could save the NHS £1.2bn in unnecessary retesting of urine samples, cancellation of operations, over prescribing of unnecessary […]

Maximising our MedTech Might

The benefits of working with the NIHR are clearly demonstrated through past posts and this is the latest to come out of Forte Medical NIHR partnership… “CEO of Forte Medical, describes how the NIHR supported her company to generate clinical evidence for the Peezy™ Mid-Stream Urine device – an easier, cleaner and more reliable urine […]

IPC 2019 – We’re Exhibiting!

The future of preventative care, infection control, antimicrobial resistance and patient safety are routinely undermined by lazy attitudes towards urine collection, the most common diagnostic process.    Despite mounting evidence to support the need for a respected protocol, incumbent methods are failing modern medicine, patient health and the work of diligent clinicians. Want to know […]

Comment On NHS Long Term Plan

Today’s NHS Long Term Plan rightly focuses on prevention, not least to introduce ways of making healthy living and exercise integral to patient lives. But surely these lessons should start within the education system? Teaching pupils the basics of health economics and nutrition, how to cook, the value (or not) of each food group and […]

A Year In Review – 2018

New evidence showing a 70% reduction in false positive dipped specimens Extended uptake by the NHS Investment including a JV to create a Smart Peezy Sheena Byrom joining our Advisory Panel Being recognised in the Sunday Times 2018 Maserati 100 list that celebrate British entrepreneurship These have been a few of our highlights for 2018 […]

Sheena Byrom Joins Our Advisory Panel

We are delighted to announce the appointment of consultant midwife and lifelong campaigner for positive childbirth, Sheena Byrom OBE to our Advisory Panel. Sheena Byrom is a practising midwife of 40 years, having worked in the NHS for most of that time. One of the UK’s first consultant midwives, and as head of midwifery, she […]

To No 10 for the LS Industrial Strategy Reception

Today, Forte Medical’s Chief Executive Giovanna Forte attended the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy reception at No 10 Downing Street – creating the foundation for brilliant innovation and MedTech

Fuelling AMR: no collection protocol for urine

Diagnostic parity yet one had a collection protocol and the other does not! Following a successful Peezy Midstream Usability Study with the NHS National Institute for Health Research, Giovanna Forte was asked to write a blog explaining how urine can fuel AMR; the piece starts with the author’s unedifying visit to a sexual health clinic. Read all […]

Attending the Greater Irvine Chamber’s 2018 Life Sciences

Giovanna Forte, CEO was delighted to be one of 10 British executives to make their way to UC Irvine (UCI) for the Greater Irvine Chamber’s 2018 Life Science Showcase event. In collaboration with UCI Applied Innovation, the Greater Irvine Chamber hosted UK owned life science companies to position Southern California and UCI as a strong global brand […]

Case Study – NIHR Support

A little while ago, the NIHR supported Forte Medical Ltd on a usability study for the Peezy™ Mid-Stream Urine device – an easier, cleaner and more reliable urine sample collection.   This is the interview filmed with Giovanna Forte last week.   The study:  

Mr Ased Ali – Making Urine Samples Trustworthy

The latest issue of Urology News features an interesting and important conversation with Urological Consultant Mr Ased Ali about the importance of urine in diagnosis and subsequent treatment of UTIs.  He refers to the patient-led initiative – the MUST Campaign – that is demanding Government introduce a protocol for the collection of urine specimens. The […]

Knowledge of Men’s Health Dangerously Low

Amongst British adults, urology diseases such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer are not well understood and men are not looking out for the signs and symptoms of these deadly diseases. This was the revealing and shocking research undertaken as part of Urology Awareness Month that was presented at our Forum last month by The […]

Peezy Midstream Case Study at NHS NIHR Conference 2018

Back in March of this year, the NHS National Institute for Health Research contacted Forte Medical, asking for a case study demonstrating how their research has assisted the launch of Peezy Midstream. A few months earlier the NIHR in conjunction with the West Midlands AHSN conducted a valuable Usability Study on our diagnostic device. Results […]

“Rubbish In, Rubbish Out”

’Rubbish In, Rubbish Out’; if you don’t make the effort to collect the specimen properly, all the clever stuff that is done in the laboratories makes it pretty pointless.” – Dr Mark Wilks, Clinical Scientist and Prinicipal Microbiologist, Barts Health NHS Trust This was one of a number of key messages from this year’s Forum […]

“Why We’re Looking For Cancer Clues In Urine”

Interesting research being undertaken by Barbara Guinn, Head of Biomedical Sciences, University of Hull in The   “A urine test for ovarian cancer could increase survival rates from 20% to 90%.” This is why it’s so important that the quality of specimens allows for right-first-time diagnosis and that appropriate treatment follows.

A Taster From the CEO On Our Forum 2018

On 11th September, delegates from microbiology, patient safety, urology, Emergency and antenatal medicine gathered at the RCP, London to hear Forte Medical Forum speakers and panel discuss the value of accurate diagnoses.  Well, they didn’t just listen, many took part as the Q&A session evolved into a lively conversation about urine; believe me, there were […]

Forte Medical Forum 2018 – Final Line-Up Confirmed

URINE TROUBLE: HOW POOR COLLECTION STANDARDS ARE FAILING MODERN MEDICINE 11th September 2018 at the Royal College of Physicians, London Despite mounting evidence to support the need for a respected protocol, incumbent methods are failing modern medicine, patient health and the work of diligent clinicians.  With the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP highlighting ‘Prevention’ and ‘Technology’ as […]

“Maximising Our Medtech Might”

The NHS National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) will be holding their national industry event on 10th October and our CEO, Giovanna Forte will be participating in the session focusing on “Maximising Our Medtech Might”. The theme for this year’s event is: The Future Now and provides a platform to discuss the latest developments and opportunities in […]

“If you come down with a UTI, seek treatment and get your urine tested.”

This is the latest recommendation following publication of a Californian study about the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.   But right-first-time diagnosis and treatment is only possible if the urine sample is collected correctly in the first place. In the UK, nearly 1 in 3 women will have a UTI by the time they are 24 and […]

Antibiotic-Resistant UTI Bacteria More Common

A new study shows that Antibiotic-resistant UTI bacteria is becoming more common; Knowlex has created a short-film about the research and what you should know about this worrying dilemma. 49% of AMR increase has a urinary source.    Health policy makers must stop overlooking basic specimen collection and create a protocol for use. Read the […]

Is dementia or a UTI causing confusion? Accurate diagnosis of urine samples is a MUST!

We’ve been an advocate for the MUST Campaign since they launched in May and this article explains why it is so important. Read about it in this article published today on

Prevention, technology and how to unblock NHS adoption

The inaugural speech delivered by Mr Matt Hancock upon his appointment as Secretary of State for Health, focused quite rightly on the acceleration of preventative practice and the adoption of novel technology.  Forte Medical welcomes this approach … if it happens.   It is high time to highlight and seriously consider the problems behind historic innovation adoption across the […]

Making It Work In The USA

The success of the ABHI’s Innovation Hub at the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas in Austin is growing and it is case studies such as ours published this month that is helping demonstrate the importance of the Association’s work in building opportunities for British companies.    Read our story here.

Forte Medical: Series A investment growth round is open

This week saw the launch of Forte Medical’s Series A investment round for growth, export and new product development. Seeking £3.5m, the company is engaging with prospective investment partners who can attract investors with an interest in evidenced, disruptive diagnostic medical devices with digital potential. Institutional, corporate or personal investors who can assist the business […]

Disruptive TV: Giant Live Health Innovators

Barry Shrier, Founder of annual health innovation event Giant Live, presents the third Disruptor Giant Health Innovators TV interview featuring Giovanna Forte, CEO of Forte Medical, Francis White from AliveCor, Dr Sophie Bostoc​k of Sleepio and Etienne Bourdon from Healthy Health. Watch the half-hour programme here with Disruptive Live

Forte Medical ABHI Texas Mission case study

As has been highlighted in other posts, the ABHI has been an incredibly useful partner in establishing Forte Medical in the US.  This webinar, held yesterday features our story as part of the ABHI’s US Market Overview Presentation. To hear the presentation, register here.

The Sunday Times Maserati 100 Entrepreneurs 2018

“The entrepreneurs celebrated in this year’s Maserati 100 like to get things done’ said Sunday Times’ journalist Andrew Lynch in his introduction to this year’s list of the top 100 entrepreneurs in 2018. And that is pretty true of Forte Medical’s founder and CEO, Giovanna Forte who was featured in the People’s Choice. Giovanna set […]

AMR: A Heavy Price To Pay

News from the USA: “the share of bacterial infections in the United States that were antibiotic resistant more than doubled over 13 years, rising from 5.2% in 2002 to 11% in 2014” To read more, click here

UTIs in the elderly – and why it matters

In elderly patients, a UTI can induce behaviour that may be interpreted as “challenging”. As millions of us know, UTI is at best uncomfortable, at worst jolly painful. Giovanna Forte was invited by Age Space to explain further. Read the article in full here  

Diagnosing UTIs is ‘a dog’s breakfast,’ and that’s affecting women

Symptoms of urinary tract infections can be acute and in many cases, very debilitating.   The need for a protocol around the collection of urine specimens to correctly diagnose and treat is critical. Read this interesting news segment from CBC Radio.

Peezy Midstream: new evidence at RCOG2018 Annual Congress, Singapore

At the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Annual Congress in Singapore last week, Dr Michelle Jie presented her Abstract of results from the The Royal Surrey County Hospital Antenatal trial of Peezy Midstream. The paper confirms that compared with a historic 15.9% MSUs sent inappropriately for culture, Peezy Midstream technology delivered specimen contamination of […]

Peezy Animation: instructions for use

How easy is Peezy? Very! Click here to see our new animation showing five simple steps that deliver right-first-time urine specimen collection. Any clinician will know that contamination can prevent or delay diagnoses; Peezy makes prompt analysis, diagnosis and treatment simple and cost effective.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo – April 2018

Giovanna Forte is one of the guest speakers at this two day and her presentation: “Urine Trouble – How Innovation is Transforming Basic Medicine” – will be given on Thursday, 26th April at 1.30 pm. For further information about the event conference and exhibition go here

Trends in Urology & Men’s Health: solving the problem of contaminated urine samples

Despite its importance, there is no standard for urine collection. In this article the author, Professor Frank Chinegwundoh, discusses the problem of inadequate samples and describes a collection system that can help. Visit the Jan-Feb issue of Trends in Urology & Men’s Health.

New research: AMR and children’s E.coli

Antibiotic resistance in children’s E. coli, a bacteria that is the most common cause of urinary tract infection, is high against many antibiotics commonly prescribed in primary care and could make them ineffective as first-line treatments, warns a study led by researchers at the University of Bristol and Imperial College London. Ashley Bryce, Céire Costelloe, Mandy […]

Why is a contaminant-free urine sample is important?

Doctors can tell a lot about your health from your urine sample, if taken properly. Insightful piece by Rob Eley and Michael Sinnott from The University of Queensland Read the full article: The Conversation

£434 million spent on treating unplanned UTI admissions

It costs so little to put it right: “The NHS spent £434 million in 2013/14 on treating184,000 patients in unplanned admissions associated with a UTI.   UTIs are the second-largest single group of healthcare-associated infections in the UK, accounting for 19.7% of all hospital acquired infections.” Source:  Unplanned Admissions Consensus Committee – 2016 Updated Guide

Current Tests Fail to Diagnose Up To 50% of Chronic UTIs

Cystitis or urinary tract infection (UTI) is the second most common bacterial infection in the UK and around half of all women will experience at least one in their lifetime.  UTI accounts for 1-3% of GP appointments. Even for simple infections rates of recurrence are high. 20-30% of patients fail initial antibiotic treatment and up to […]

Preventing Infections and Reducing AMR

An advocate and active player in healthcare infection prevention, we will participating at the Knowlex Infection Prevention and Control 2018 exhibition being held on Wednesday, 21st February 2018 at The Brewery, London EC1Y 4SD.    It is the event to hear more about  the latest research, science, innovation and discover real-world solutions in the challenge against infection prevention  Further […]

Texas MedTech Mission Create Demand for British Goods

Paul Benton, International Director at the ABHI shares our story as to how we entered the US marketplace Appointed sales and distribution partners, dedicated warehouse facilities and new US customers are just some of the outcomes from the UK MedTech missions to Texas.  Read more

New Forte Medical Advisory Board

Encouraged by the growing national recognition of the value of urine in diagnostic medicine, health leaders are being approached to join a new Forte Medical Advisory Board. Three leading exponents of accurate basic medicine have so far been appointed: Mike Farrar (pic) who will Chair the panel, Dr Katherine Brown and Rachel Cashman Mike Farrar […]

Preventing Infections and Reducing AMR

We have been talking prevention for some time so are pleased to see this report from Public Health England advocating right-first-time devices. Read the full summary here

Review of the 2017 Forum

From AMR to UTIs, independent participants at this year’s Forum highlighted the clinical and financial case for a “gold standard” urine specimen collection process that would enable accurate analysis and diagnostics. URINE TROUBLE : WHY A DIAGNOSTIC STANDARD IS OVERDUE “It seems criminal to us that we are wasting so much time and money on […]

‘Awkward conversations’ Talking FemTech to investors, the media and consumers’

2017 has been described as the ‘year of Femtech’, with start-ups focusing on innovation in women’s  health starting to enjoy an increased profile.  In this, the latest episode of MHP’s ‘On Message’ podcasts, Giovanna Forte joins host Darika Ahrens and business women Lisa Kennelly, Andrea Zitna, Paul Armstrong, Madeleine Harris Smith and Christian Pickel to […]

Why Femtech Shouldn’t Be A Checkbox Exercise

We were delighted to discuss with Paul Armstrong from Forbes and other entrepreneurs about the current state of Femtech start-ups and the challenges they face.   And those awkward conversations that are vital for the health of patients.  Read here for more and listen to the full podcast available to download here.

Business Development Lead Andrew Turner Appointed

The appointment of Andrew Turner as Business Development lead has brought new life to the introduction of Peezy Midstream technology to a number of leading NHS Trusts open to “getting it right first time” and reducing costs by making patients better, faster. Eight Trusts have formed a collaboration of Microbiology, Nursing Directorates, Antimicrobial Resistance leads […]

ABHI Innovation Hub Established at Dell Medical School, Texas

As a regular participant of the ABHI Trade Missions to Texas, we are delighted to be part of this exciting development…. The Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin are delighted to announce the establishment of the “ABHI Innovation Hub”. The creation of the […]

The Hippocratic Post: how to lower urine contamination

The Hippocratic Post is a widely read blog engine for GPs and other physicians. Our Peezy Midstream technology has been acknowledged as a credible method of reducing the huge variation in urine specimen quality. Read all about it here.

Forte Medical Forum 2017 Urine Trouble: why a diagnostic standard is overdue

How accurate basic medicine can tackle Hospital Acquired Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance.

UTI responsible for 47% of Gram-negative blood infections

The report Preventing healthcare associated gram-negative bacterial blood infections was issued by Public Health England and NHS Improvement on 3rd May 2017. It cites untreated Urinary Tract Infections as responsible for 50% of Gram-negative blood infections of E-coli, which can lead to sepsis. Treating UTI relies on accurate specimen collection as outlined by PHE England’s […]

The magic that is urine: why reliable specimens matter.

MAMA Academy is a leading charity that provides mothers and midwives with unbiased education, research and information around pregnancy and the arrival of the next generation. Forte Medical is delighted to feature in MAMA Academy’s latest news post about accurate antenatal screening; click the link and read all about the importance of reliable antenatal urine […]

Daily Telegraph Business Reporter: accurate urine analysis is a national lottery.

Liquid gold: urine is the unsung hero of modern medicine & health economy “In some parts of the UK over 70% of patients expecting to be diagnosed from their urine specimen, won’t be …”  Today’s Daily Telegraph Business Reporter series features a hard-hitting interview with Giovanna Forte, CEO of Forte Medical and George Kennedy, CBE, […]

Latest Lifescience Industry magazine: Making urine collection more reliable

UK Lifescience Magazine out online today features Forte Medical’s Peezy Midstream MedTech: “For prompt diagnoses, right-first-time analysis is vital. Peezy Midstream enables clinicians to more readily identify problems and begin dealing with them.” Read the whole article and explore this compelling magazine – here.

Shocking report: UTI test used by GPs gives wrong results in at least a fifth of cases

The Guardian newspaper today reports on a new clinical study that confirms the unreliability of  routine urine testing for Urinary Tract Infection. Over 30m women suffer from UTI each year; current analysis methods leave millions untreated with a risk of developing a chronic condition. Forte Medical’s independently corroborated research reveals that up to and over […]

Forte Medical finalist in SEHTA Business Awards

The prestigious South East Health Technology Alliance Business Awards last night recognised Forte Medical and our Peezy Midstream MedTech. The hotly contested Innovation Award saw the the company come second only to the cancer-busting Lightpoint Medical, whose work improves outcomes for cancer patients through image guided surgery. “Cancer is the single most important, immediate and […]

Why common urine-based diagnoses fail.

Read Giovanna’s post about woeful national results around urine specimen collection contamination rates – from 0.08% to 70.58% – that make accurate diagnoses a national lottery. Current urine collection methods lead to unreliable results, delayed diagnoses and less than impressive patient outcomes. This piece is available to read on LinkedIn.

Texas: land of clinical and procurement collaboration

Forte Medical is just back from a successful and educational ABHI MedTech Mission to Texas. The most valuable intelligence we gleaned was the way in which Clinical and Procurement leadership teams collaborate; this means a more joined up introduction of innovation that will deliver clinical and economic effiencies. Read more about our visit and who […]

NHS National Research Institute Usability Study Results

Forte Medical is delighted to release usability data on Peezy Midstream. The research was conducted by the NHS National Research Institute with the Trauma Management Healthcare Technology Cooperative, Birmingham University Hospital Trust and supported by the West Midlands AHSN. Researchers recruited twenty patients with of equal gender balance, age range 36-45. The participants were provided […]

Right-first-time: raising the bar at NHS Wakefield.

“If you don’t get it right first time, money is wasted by inefficiencies.” Dr Philip Earnshaw, Wakefield GP, CCG Chair: R4 Today Programme, 8th February 2017. Who else heard this? The entire Department of Health and all who sail in the good ship NHS, I hope. Dr Earnshaw was talking generally about primary care practice, […]

Health Tech 2017: a case for greater connection, featuring Forte Medical

Leading international law firm Nabarro today issued a report on UK Med Tech. The document features interviews with industry opinion formers drawn from the Association of British Healthcare Industries, MedTech Women, Apposite Capital and Forte Medical. “The health tech sector is a market full of potential opportunities for innovation and investment,” say Nabarro. “We surveyed […]

Philip Kennedy appointed Non-Executive Director at Forte Medical

Forte Medical, the designer and manufacturer of innovative medical devices to improve specimen collection, is pleased to announce the appointment of Philip Kennedy as a Non-Executive Director with immediate effect. Philip Kennedy is Chair of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) as well as a senior med-tech adviser after many years in the industry. […]

Managing Innovation in Healthcare

In his new book “Managing Innovation in Healthcare”, Professor James Barlow has written about Forte Medical’s journey to achieve adoption of its Peezy Midstream system into the NHS. He discusses his book and how innovation can best be implemented, with

Diagnostic innovation: making midstream mainstream

  Forte Medical’s MedTech is low tech … and that’s the point at which interest wanes, for people want the intangible techie stuff, the next clever component of money-spinning technology … and urine simply does not tick that box. Why am I so excited about pee? I’ll be honest, it’ because our medical device is […]

Pitch@Palace: what’s that all about, then?

“Why don’t you go for Pitch@Palace?” asked a new business contact. Why indeed! I had never heard of it and frankly, what could The Palace do for us? A growing company whose product development has led to a far, far bigger remit than it envisaged ten years ago. For whilst Forte Medical has developed and […]

ABHI Mission to Texas: we have lift-off

“You will get out of the ABHI what you put in,” said a friendly counterpart from the Urology world, to whom I had been sent for market advice. “Join … and see what happens.” I did, and I have … and people, it has been good; I write now to tell you about my first […]

Reducing contamination in urine samples

Professor Frank Chindgwundoh MBE talks to about the issues around inaccurate urine screening and how repeat testing and repeat patient appointments can be combated. Read his interview here.

The Forte Medical Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine

We are proud to be part of Urology Awareness Month this September: “Clinical Innovation in Specimen Collection and Diagnostics” Royal Society of Medicine Tuesday 13 September 2016 – 9.30 am to 12.30 pm A Urology Awareness Month Event   Imagine if blood specimens were delivered to the laboratory with mixed growth rates ranging from 0.38% […]

NHS: brick walls to innovation and £30m savings

65m urine specimens are taken every year on the NHS … without a defined protocol. Mixed growth rates (unreliable specimens) vary from 1.4% to over 73% nationwide, calling for an established protocol to give this essential diagnostic procedure parity with blood, taken for the same purpose. MedTechEngine writes about the long and winding road experienced […]

Private labs vs NHS: Forte letter in The Guardian

A letter from Forte Medical has today been published in The Guardian. The letter responds to the national newspaper’s investigation into Boots’ “milking the NHS“.  In her letter, Giovanna Forte outlines the conflict of interest between Private Laboratories and the NHS they have been appointed to serve. Click “read more” below to read The Guardian […]

Exporting healthcare innovation: an interview

  Interesting specimens: saving healthcare budgets by exporting healthcare innovation and universal diligence. Online business magazine Womanthology interviewed Forte Medical CEO Giovanna Forte about specimen collection as an overlooked area of medicine, solving problems and exporting to the USA. Read the interview.  

Forte addresses over 300 women at Hubdot

Hubdot, the leading global women’s network invited Giovanna Forte to present a one-minute summary of her career to over 300 women on Wednesday 3rd February at Anthropologie, Kings Road, London SW3. Please visit for more information.

Made in Britain Health Newsletter

Forte Medical is pleased and proud that CEO Giovanna Forte has guest edited the Made in Britain special edition health newsletter. Manufacturing in the UK is a vital ingredient to the country’s economy and employment success. Here, Forte looks at some examples of healthcare and medical businesses that Make in Britain, and asks them why. Read the […]

Celebrating Enterprising Woman

Giovanna Forte, founding Director of Forte Medical has been invited to speak at an opening day event of Global Entrepreneurship Week on Monday 16th November 2015 in Central London. ” Celebrating Enterprising Women” takes place from 1300-1800hrs at Carousel, 71 Blandford Street, London W1. One of three speakers, Giovanna will present nuggets of hard-won experience […]

Forte Medical has moved!

From 30th October 2015, we have moved from our home of seven years to bigger, brighter premises: Forte Medical Limited 12 Tabernacle Court 16-28 Tabernacle Street London EC2A 4DD Phone number to be advised; if you need to contact us, please e-mail Giovanna and Owen using

Midstream urine: the unsung hero of accurate diagnoses

Global online publisher interviewed Giovanna last year about the development and purpose of Peezy Midstream, the invention designed by NHS GP Dr Vincent Forte, her brother. They have told us it has had thousands of hits and recently took the trouble to updated the piece, which you can read on the link below. Midstream […]

Dispex Magazine Interview

Forte Medical Founding Director and CEO Giovanna Forte was delighted to be interviewed recently by Dispex Magazine, the leading voice for dispensing GP practices. The powerful voice of Dispex has drawn excellent feedback from GP Managers trying sample Peezy Midstream kits with patients. Read all about it at Dispex online magazine.

Leading parenting website reviews Peezy Midstream

When leading parenting website Baby Centre e-mailed to say that one of their top bloggers would review Peezy Midstream, we were delighted. Not many consumer media editors are so pragmatic when it comes to writing about bodily fluids, no matter how important the reason. We sent them three. We know that Peezy Midstream works wonderfully […]

Accurate ketone analysis with Peezy Midstream

“I have used a number of Peezy Midstreams and they are great. It certainly makes testing my ketones so much less messy and more hygienic. The instructions are straightforward. The first one I was unable to take a big enough sample from but after that it’s been straightforward. It will certainly give a more accurate […]


Peezy Midstream Prescription Request Letter is Here! We’re delighted to announce the arrival of your Peezy Midstream Prescription Request letter as a handy download. Just click on the link below to download the letter to your Midwife. It explains what Peezy Midstream does and provides all the information needed for your prescription. Your pharmacist will […]

LAUNCH PRN Magazine features Peezy Midstream

PRN is a new magazine for nurses which aims to combine professional advice with original illustration and articles on art and health. Published online, PRN Magazine contains articles on issues affecting healthcare staff alongside science and healthcare-related arts and culture content. The site combines a mix of long reads and more visual content – pieces […]

Antenatal Peezy: goodbye mess, hello dignity

We were so delighted to find a piece on antenatal urine testing on Babyworld that we ran a competition with them. One lucky winner was delighted to receive a £200 John Lewis voucher from Peezy Midstream! “Pop a midstream in there please love…” Placed in your hand is a container just 20mm wide. Whilst the […]

Good clean health news for pregnant women

RIGHT FIRST TIME HYGIENIC URINE COLLECTION NOW AVAILABLE ON PRESCRIPTION Accurate midstream sample Dry hands and bottle No start-stop-start Good news for pregnant women: Peezy Midstream, the state of the art urine collection system used in private healthcare and the most diligent NHS Trusts is available on prescription, ideal for antenatal screening when no charges […]

UK Standards for Microbiology Investigation of Urine 2014

INVESTIGATION OF URINE Peezy Midstream design and efficacy meet recommendations from the latest Investigation of Urine report from Public Health England. Exerpt 1 (pages 14 and 24): Midstream urine (MSU) and clean-catch urine MSU and clean catch urines are the most commonly collected specimens and are recommended for routine use. Exerpt 2 page 21 of […]

NHS Alliance Innovation in Action Award Shortlist

“We’re delighted to announce that Forte Medical has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Action Awards.” And so began the e-mail that invited us to join the NHS Alliance crowd for the Award Ceremony, taking place at the end of the Breaking Boundaries and Beyond Conference, 6th December 2014. In the august surroundings of the […]

TEDx Talk: From PA to PR … and what happened when the R fell off.

This talk was given by Giovanna Forte at a local TEDx event. “A sassy, feisty education in blazing your own path and making it in business on your own terms. Giovanna Forte was leaning in way before it was a TED talk, and here she gives excellent advice on getting heard and getting ahead. Secretary […]

Silo Thinking at the NHS, Despite ‘Reforms’

NHS GP, Peezy inventor and Forte Medical co-founder, Dr Vincent Forte, wrote to the Financial Times following the recent debate on antibiotic resistance. Transcript below or on the Financial Times website here. Sir, Government-sponsored research into pharmaceutical solutions to reduce antibiotic prescribing is all very well, but without a belt-and-braces philosophy of bacteriology sampling accuracy, […]

How a British Invention Inspired by Women Became a Diagnostic Aid for All

We’ve all had to do it. At the doctor’s surgery or at home: deliver a urine sample into a small bottle. It was this very performance that prompted a number of women to complain to their GP: “Its messy and unpleasant. This must have been invented by a man,” they said. Being a caring and […]

Design case study for new Peezy IFU by Luto

Luto, the specialist design business for pharma and medical devices instructions for use, share their process in creating the new Peezy Midstream IFU. A team of design experts, medical professionals and lay contributors identified problems with the existing version and worked to devise clearer more comprehensive words and graphics that fit with the Peezy brand. […]

Design Week documents the Peezy Midstream journey

In 2009 Design Week awarded Peezy Best Of Show at their prestigious Awards. Being masters of design integrity, they have kept an eye on our progress since then. Impressed with the way we have developed Peezy within the market, so that it truly meets the real needs of patients, nurses and laboratories, they have documented […]