One low-cost device: countless clinical, cost and prescribing benefits.

Peezy Midstream is the only urine collection method that meets Public Health England’s UK Standards for Microbiology Investigation of Urine.


Peezy Midstream transforms essential urine screening for routine and prenatal medicine, delivering accuracy and right-first-time prescribing. See how and why in pictures, using our new infographic.

Urine is one of the most important carriers of cancer biomarkers, bacteria, protein, glucose and more, all of which can raise the alarm to serious illness. If left undiagnosed these conditions can become difficult and costly to treat.

Traditional urine collection means that one in four samples are contaminated, preventing early diagnoses, creating worse conditions and even costly unplanned hospital admissions … £$ millions are being literally flushed away. Contamination can also deliver false-positive dipstick results, leading to over prescribing of antibiotics.

Peezy Midstream is the New Gold Standard
Primary Care trial with Cardiff and Vale in Wales: 0% specimen contamination, reduced repeat appointments, reduced antibiotic prescribing and significant cost savings.

NHS West Hertfordshire Antenatal Clinic: 70% reduced false-positive dipped urines, cost savings on clinic resources, repeat and unnecessary lab tests.
Read the NICE MedTech Innovation Briefing Paper.

Peezy Midstream is MHRA registered and patented. Read more about our work and the new HealthTech pipeline here.

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Cleancatch urine: crucial for an accurate UTI test.

LiveUTIFree, a US patient advocacy group for urological health has published a candid article about the diagnostic process for UTI. The elusive cleancatch sample is essential for accurate diagnosis, yet is often overlooked. Read why they believe Peezy Midstream is the answer to more diligent urological diagnoses. Cleancatch urine: crucial for an accurate UTI test.

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September is Urology Awareness Month: call for an end to failed urine tests!

Protocol for urine collection needed now more than ever.Preventative practice in the most overlooked area of female medicine is being ignored to the detriment of millions of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) sufferers. The biggest problem behind untreated UTI is the lack of protocol for the collection of clean-catch specimen, leading to failed diagnosis and treatment, […]

Interview: MedTech success, women’s health, antibiotics, … and the vested interests of big business.

TheSistrApp interview with Giovanna Forte: the MedTech innovation journey, design, development, bringing integrity to basic routine women’s health … and the vested interests of big business that delay cost-saving innovation uptake. Find the InstaLiveTV interview here.

UTI diagnostic methods from 1500AD to 2020AD: little has changed.

In 1500, clinicians checked the colour of patient urine to establish the level of infection. Today Healthcare Professionals are still relying on dipstick technology without considering the quality of the specimen, leading to over prescribing of antibiotics. With UTI mainly a female issue, this puts women on the frontline of antibiotic immunity. Peezy Midstream reduces […]

2012 Back to the future: NHS GP Dr Vincent Forte on his patient safety innovation.

Dr Vincent Forte invented Peezy Midstream to help diagnose his female patients’ UTI problems first time, bringing hygiene and dignity to the urine collection process. In his own words, this is why Peezy was created. Vincent is also co-author of medical textbook Symptom Sorter, used in medical schools and by doctors across the world. Hyperlinked […]