Right-first-time urine specimen collection. Because prevention is safer than cure.

Peezy Midstream

Peezy Midstream takes the guesswork out of diagnosis and treatment.

At the 2017 Forte Medical Forum, over 70 senior health professionals voted for a national standard for urine collection.

Giovanna Forte,
CEO, Forte Medical

The introduction of technology that promotes right-first-time medicine is essential for the improvement and evolution of healthcare the world over, helping early diagnoses of infection or cancers that might otherwise develop into far more serious or chronic conditions. 

The disparate ways urine is collected for diagnostic analysis has led to a national average contamination rate of 22.5% in the UK and 20.5% in the USA, rates that if prevalent in blood specimens, would cause an outcry. Yet blood and urine are both used for the same diagnostic purpose.

Non-invasive to collect, urine is one of the most important carriers of cancer biomarkers, bacteria, protein, glucose and more, all of which can raise the alarm to serious conditions which, if left undiagnosed can become far more difficult and costly to treat.

Public Health England reports that 47% of Gram-negative blood infections are caused by Urinary Tract Infection, which can lead to sepsis. A simple, low-cost intervention like Peezy Midstream can help avoid these potentially fatal infections and help the fight against Anti Microbial Resistance.

Forte Medical is now developing The Specimen Collection, a portfolio of devices designed to bring integrity to basic diagnostic medicine, in particular the identification of early stage cancers including prostate, testicular, cervical, bladder, kidney and more.

Peezy Midstream is MHRA registered, FDA listed and patented.