Peezy Midstream helps fight inaccurate diagnoses, sepsis and AMR

Kiss goodbye to inaccuracy, retesting and mess
Say hello to accuracy, dignity and clean hands

Peezy Midstream.
Clean urine sample, clean hands, clean loo.

Fight retesting, AMR and Sepsis with accurate urine collection for women’s routine UTI and prenatal tests.

Prolonged and persistent lack of protocol for women’s routine urine collection has led to:

  • Around 1 in 3 specimens being contaminated with natural flora and bacteria from the hands and skin (NIHR);
  • Up to 92% of bacteria that cause UTI becoming resistant to at least one common antibiotic and almost 80% are resistant to two (The Scientific American);
  • Up to 20% of Sepsis episodes having a UTI cause (Sepsis Manual p19);

Contaminated urine samples can lead to unreliable diagnostic processes from collection through analysis and treatment. Narrow tubes or cups provided for the start-stop-start collection of midstream urine lead to wet hands and loo, challenging infection control standards preventing spillage into and contamination of clinical and home environments.

Urine one of the most important carriers of cancer biomarkers, bacteria, protein, glucose and more, all of which can raise the alarm to serious illness. If left undiagnosed these conditions can become difficult and costly to treat.

Peezy Midstream can change everything.

Peezy Midstream fits comfortably against the body. With a full bladder, while the flow is released the device rejects up to 20ml of the urine stream, and collects only midstream urine, passing overflow into the loo. Safe, comfortable, reliable.

See how it works, here and read our National Institute for Health Research Usability Study results here.

Accurate midstream urine specimens for routine point of care testing, promote early diagnoses, potentially avoiding chronic conditions, unnecessary antibiotic prescribing, sepsis and costly unplanned hospital admissions causing £$ millions to be flushed away by healthcare providers.

Peezy Midstream can deliver better health to primary care providers, create short and long term cost savings, whilst reducing the human impact of AMR, Sepsis, chronic conditions, waiting lists and failed patient outcomes.

To read more about Peezy Midstream accuracy, see our Evidence page.

Peezy Midstream will be available in the UK and USA, mid 2024

Peezy Midstream is a single use device made of polypropylene, recyclable at home and non-toxic when incinerated in healthcare settings. By reducing retesting and false-positive urine samples, Peezy Midstream reduces single-use items across the pathology pathway. Any reduction in prescribing is likely to reduce also the presence of antbiotics in our water systems.

We trialled some environmentally sustainable natural polymers during the original R&D phase for Peezy Midstream, but they required a non-sustainable coating to prevent material content such as starch, from impacting the urine sample. Our search for an appropriate and affordable natural polymer fit for medical use is ongoing.

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Peezy Midstream
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Key Opinion Leader Testimonials

Barts & The Royal NHS Trust / Spire Healthcare

We have used Peezy Midstream with patients in clinic. Comparison with historical specimen results show that it collects a better specimen with lower contamination, which means fewer repeats. Patients are happy with the hygiene because urine goes into the tube and not on their hands. The lab is happy to receive a proper MSU in a clean tube that fits their analysers. The system delivers accuracy, efficiency and hygiene for all parties; I would like to see it used routinely across the NHS

Professor Frank Chingwundoh

Healthcare, Imperial Business School. Associate Director of Research and Evaluation, Imperial College Health Partners. President, International Academy of Design and Health

Peezy Midstream is one of those valuable, simple, low cost and no-brainer innovations that I’m always amazed don’t get adopted faster and more widely.

* the Peezy journey features in Prof Barlow’s new book on healthcare innovation, out Sept ‘16

Professor James Barlow

Urine samples are used to diagnose a broad variety of conditions and to be able to deliver an accurate diagnosis it is vital that the samples are not contaminated. Research strongly indicates that using the Peezy Midstream specimen collection device can dramatically reduce the contamination rate, thus leading to more accurate readings and reducing the need for repeat tests. This will undoubtedly have a significant time and cost savings for the NHS and must surely be a sensible innovation to adopt.

Louise de Winter

Health and safety in any medicine is of vital importance to those who work on the frontline and the collection of urine samples is a daily necessity for many. The adoption of innovative solutions, such the Peezy Midstream, allows a safe and hygienic alternative to more traditional methods, improving not just the experience of our members but also enhances the dignity of the patients they serve.

Gail Adams

My audit of Peezy Midstream shows significant improvements to the accuracy of routine urine screening in antenatal clinic. The audit, carried out across 680 pregnant women has evidenced a reduction in false positive specimens, delivering better clinical care, cost savings and efficiencies to my department.

Sylvia Bone

As you know I am a considerable supporter of the Peezy and we have had good results in pre-op, moving out now to antenatal. I also use Peezy for complex patients who may genuinely have mixtures when it is important to be confident that contamination is not likely to be an issue.

Tom Lewis

Rubbish in, rubbish out. If you don’t make the effort to collect the specimen properly, all the clever stuff you do in the lab later, won’t work.

Reduction in laboratory defined contamination has been shown and there is potential for use of Peezy in collecting all future Obstetric MSUs.

Michelle Jiu

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