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September is Urology Awareness Month: call for an end to failed urine tests!

Protocol for urine collection needed now more than ever.Preventative practice in the most overlooked area of female medicine is being ignored to the detriment of millions of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) sufferers. The biggest problem behind untreated UTI is the lack of protocol for the collection of clean-catch specimen, leading to failed diagnosis and treatment, […]

UTI diagnostic methods from 1500AD to 2020AD: little has changed.

In 1500, clinicians checked the colour of patient urine to establish the level of infection. Today Healthcare Professionals are still relying on dipstick technology without considering the quality of the specimen, leading to over prescribing of antibiotics. With UTI mainly a female issue, this puts women on the frontline of antibiotic immunity. Peezy Midstream reduces […]

Breathing life into science: Peezy Midstream

Specialist lifescience recruitment business Austin Vita invited Giovanna Forte, Forte Medical CEO to deliver the first episode of its new “Breathing life into science” mini-series. One routine day in Surgery, NHS GP Dr Vincent Forte had a Urethra Moment – and inadvertently alighted on the biggest problem that healthcare providers don’t know they have. Urine […]

Pilot trial of Midstream Urine Collection device verses Transurethral Catheter

Baylor Scott and White in Temple, Texas, is a healthcare provider with an eye on innovation and improvement to patient health and experience. When scientific researcher Rachel High expressed an interest in comparing the quality of a Peezy Midstream urine sample to the transurethral catheter method often used in Urology Clinic, we agreed to provide […]

Peezy Midstream in the Academy of Fab NHS Stuff

When Professor Frank Chinegwundoh, Consultant Urological Surgeon told us of a routine 23.5% urine specimen contamination rate in his clinic at the Royal London Hospital, we asked if he would like to see if Peezy Midstream would lead to better outcomes. His interest was piqued and in total 66 patients provided samples as part of […]

Mind the Vulture! Cautionary fundraising tales for every SME.

Our COVID economy is not the SME’s friend. As Government steers us towards a variety of funding routes – down-valued shares, loans with onerous strings attached – my investment experiences may provide useful intelligence for enterprising counterparts and peers. Be warned, your company’s best interests are not always central to investor intent. Forte Medical will soon […]

Peezy Midstream: healthcare leaders, opinion formers and influencers on film.

Dr Liam Farrell talks with leading healthcare opinion formers and influencers about the need for better urine-based diagnostic pathways. Join them to hear how and why an innovation like Peezy Midstream can transform patient care and save lives. Thanks to: Dr Liam Farrell, Medical Writer, retired NHS GP / Dr Vincent Forte, Inventor, retired NHS […]