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No test is better than a bad test (why peripheral vision for routine diagnostics is needed now.)

Today’s news reports that patients with routine health problems are not coming forward for fear of breaking a system overburdened by COVID-19. These fears risk delaying diagnosis and treatment of routine infections, putting patient health at risk and storing up trouble for months and years ahead.  Giovanna Forte explains how untapped HealthTech innovation can speed […]

Georgia USA: Peezy Midstream to reduce public health lab workload

Forte Medical’s US partner Owen Mumford Inc in Georgia USA, is working with the Governor’s Office, GEMA, Homeland Security and the Department of Public Health to provide critical medical devices to hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals who are facing resource and supply shortages.  Five hundred thousand Unistik® safety lancets and 5,000 Peezy® urine specimen collection kits will […]

Peezy Midstream White Paper: evidence review

We are pleased to deliver our first Peezy Midstream White Paper, summarising the most important clinical evidence to date, showing reduced urine specimen contamination and false-positives using Peezy Midstream. Made in the UK, this world-first tool for routine diagnostic improvement is undergoing NICE Guidance Review.

Peezy Midstream in pictures: fewer retests, GP visits, antibiotics. Hand hygiene implicit.

Our new Infographic explains how no-spill, hygienic Peezy Midstream supports routine and prenatal female health by capturing the mid-flow sample for right-first-time treatment. Peezy is a world-first system, that improves infection control, reduces false-positive dipped samples by up to 70% – and contamination from a national average 22.5% to as low as 0%. Peezy Midstream […]

Revalidation of urine sample collection methods, quality, contamination

A new study by Dr Linda Collins, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Kingston and St George’s revalidates assumptions about urinary sample collection methods, quality and contamination. The manuscript is published in the International Urogynecology Journal. Dr Collins observes: “If midstream is believed to be important the [Peezy] MSU collection device is advantageous.” The study explores […]

Forte joins AMR Insights Ambassadors working to reduce global antibiotic immunity

Forte Medical CEO Giovanna Forte has joined the ranks of AMR Insights Ambassadors, a body of life sciences opinion formers and leaders committed to eliminating Antimicrobial resistance. AMR Insights does not accept that millions of innocent people need to die as a result of resistant bacteria and other microorganisms. Forte Medical’s work to reduce unnecessary […]

Medical Device Network: why does urine quality matter?

Urinary tract infections affect an estimated four million women in the UK every year, but in clinical settings they can often go undiagnosed or mistreated due to the inadequate state of urine sampling. Peezy Midstream is designed to improve the quality of urine samples – but how does it work and why does it matter? […]

LiveUTIFree: our patient partner in the USA and beyond

When it comes to influential patient support and information around urinary tract infection, there are fewer more pertinent partners for Peezy Midstream than LiveUTIFree. We are thrilled to be working with a partner that works only with the most apposite research and educational institutions where evidence and patient care is paramount to work that benefits […]

Peezy Midstream takes centre stage on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Designed by a retired NHS GP, Peezy Midstream, a pioneering British innovation for accurate urine collection to improve early accurate diagnosis of urinary tract infection (UTI) will be included in “Everyone Wins’ goodie bags in Hollywood on 9th February.” Read the full press release here.

Wales Primary Care: Peezy Midstream adoption

“Better outcomes for patients in the quickest and safest manner” is the overarching conclusion of a Public Health Wales Clinical Study on Peezy Midstream in primary care. The study, published here for the first time, reveals that GPs can reap significant savings in cost, time and unnecessary microbiology investigations when using Peezy Midstream for patients […]