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Leading parenting website reviews Peezy Midstream

When leading parenting website Baby Centre e-mailed to say that one of their top bloggers would review Peezy Midstream, we were delighted. Not many consumer media editors are so pragmatic when it comes to writing about bodily fluids, no matter how important the reason. We sent them three. We know that Peezy Midstream works wonderfully […]

Accurate ketone analysis with Peezy Midstream

“I have used a number of Peezy Midstreams and they are great. It certainly makes testing my ketones so much less messy and more hygienic. The instructions are straightforward. The first one I was unable to take a big enough sample from but after that it’s been straightforward. It will certainly give a more accurate […]


Peezy Midstream Prescription Request Letter is Here! We’re delighted to announce the arrival of your Peezy Midstream Prescription Request letter as a handy download. Just click on the link below to download the letter to your Midwife. It explains what Peezy Midstream does and provides all the information needed for your prescription. Your pharmacist will […]

LAUNCH PRN Magazine features Peezy Midstream

PRN is a new magazine for nurses which aims to combine professional advice with original illustration and articles on art and health. Published online, PRN Magazine contains articles on issues affecting healthcare staff alongside science and healthcare-related arts and culture content. The site combines a mix of long reads and more visual content – pieces […]

Antenatal Peezy: goodbye mess, hello dignity

We were so delighted to find a piece on antenatal urine testing on Babyworld that we ran a competition with them. One lucky winner was delighted to receive a £200 John Lewis voucher from Peezy Midstream! “Pop a midstream in there please love…” Placed in your hand is a container just 20mm wide. Whilst the […]

Good clean health news for pregnant women

RIGHT FIRST TIME HYGIENIC URINE COLLECTION NOW AVAILABLE ON PRESCRIPTION Accurate midstream sample Dry hands and bottle No start-stop-start Good news for pregnant women: Peezy Midstream, the state of the art urine collection system used in private healthcare and the most diligent NHS Trusts is available on prescription, ideal for antenatal screening when no charges […]

UK Standards for Microbiology Investigation of Urine 2014

INVESTIGATION OF URINE Peezy Midstream design and efficacy meet recommendations from the latest Investigation of Urine report from Public Health England. Exerpt 1 (pages 14 and 24): Midstream urine (MSU) and clean-catch urine MSU and clean catch urines are the most commonly collected specimens and are recommended for routine use. Exerpt 2 page 21 of […]

NHS Alliance Innovation in Action Award Shortlist

“We’re delighted to announce that Forte Medical has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Action Awards.” And so began the e-mail that invited us to join the NHS Alliance crowd for the Award Ceremony, taking place at the end of the Breaking Boundaries and Beyond Conference, 6th December 2014. In the august surroundings of the […]

Silo Thinking at the NHS, Despite ‘Reforms’

NHS GP, Peezy inventor and Forte Medical co-founder, Dr Vincent Forte, wrote to the Financial Times following the recent debate on antibiotic resistance. Transcript below or on the Financial Times website here. Sir, Government-sponsored research into pharmaceutical solutions to reduce antibiotic prescribing is all very well, but without a belt-and-braces philosophy of bacteriology sampling accuracy, […]