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Peezy Midstream helps patient diagnosis

No test is better than a bad test (why peripheral vision for routine diagnostics is needed now.)

Today’s news reports that patients with routine health problems are not coming forward for fear of breaking a system overburdened by COVID-19. These fears risk delaying diagnosis and treatment of routine infections, putting patient health at risk and storing up trouble for months and years ahead. 

Giovanna Forte explains how untapped HealthTech innovation can speed up diagnostics, patient care and wellbeing in a time of crisis. Read her article here.

Wales Primary Care: Peezy Midstream adoption

Better outcomes for patients in the quickest and safest manner” is the overarching conclusion of a Public Health Wales Clinical Study on Peezy Midstream in primary care.

The study, published here for the first time, reveals that GPs can reap significant savings in cost, time and unnecessary microbiology investigations when using Peezy Midstream for patients presenting with symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

The Study, run under the auspices of the Cardiff and Wales University Health Board shows that the introduction of a simple triage process can identify UTI more efficiently, whilst delivering targeted and less unnecessary antibiotic prescribing, helping the fight against AMR and antibiotic immunity.

“Using the Peezy device in clinical practice has allowed us to completely transform how we approach caring for patients presenting with UTI symptoms. Care is now streamlined, avoiding the need for repeat samples and avoiding mixed growth culture results; meaning antibiotic prescriptions are far more appropriate,” reports Heather Crowley, project lead.

“From a clinical perspective we have seen the number of prescriptions for antibiotics reduce as well as the number of mixed growth culture results; we are able to get the best outcomes for our patients in the quickest and safest manner.”

GP Cluster meetings will roll out in January, to stimulate Peezy Midstream adoption across Wales’ Primary Care services.

Download the full report here.

The value of urinalysis

The value of urinalysis in antenatal settings

Informative article in The Practising Midwife by Editor and Senior Midwifery Lecturer at University of Central Lancashire, Anna Byrom, reviewing the evidence and practice around this important area of health in the ante-natal sector. Full article can be found in the March issue below on page eight
Giovanna Forte on TV

Disruptive TV: Giant Live Health Innovators

Barry Shrier, Founder of annual health innovation event Giant Live, presents the third Disruptor Giant Health Innovators TV interview featuring Giovanna Forte, CEO of Forte Medical, Francis White from AliveCor, Dr Sophie Bostoc​k of Sleepio and Etienne Bourdon from Healthy Health. Watch the half-hour programme here with Disruptive Live

Midstream urine: the unsung hero of accurate diagnoses

Global online publisher news-medical.net interviewed Giovanna last year about the development and purpose of Peezy Midstream, the invention designed by NHS GP Dr Vincent Forte, her brother.

They have told us it has had thousands of hits and recently took the trouble to updated the piece, which you can read on the link below.

Midstream urine collection: an interview with Giovanna Forte

Thank you news-medical.net