LAUNCH PRN Magazine features Peezy Midstream

17th April 2015

PRN is a new magazine for nurses which aims to combine professional advice with original illustration and articles on art and health.

Published online, PRN Magazine contains articles on issues affecting healthcare staff alongside science and healthcare-related arts and culture content. The site combines a mix of long reads and more visual content – pieces published so far include a look at increasing levels of stress and anxiety among nurses by New Statesman journalist Benedict Cooper, an article from Observer writer Euan Ferguson on his experience of having a stroke and subsequent NHS treatment, and an Innovation piece on Peezy Midstream by Giovanna Forte, Founding Director of Forte Medical.

Founder Anna Magnowska, an illustrator and nurse, says she had the idea for PRN a year ago: “I realised there was a huge gap between the kind of magazines and articles I like to read myself, and what was available for nurses and other healthcare professionals,” she says. “I wanted to set it up to fill a gap I found in terms of combining medicine, science, art, culture and technology with broadsheet-type articles as well as a more irreverent take on nursing… visually, I felt there was great potential to make something beautiful too.”