Antenatal Peezy: goodbye mess, hello dignity

01st April 2015

We were so delighted to find a piece on antenatal urine testing on Babyworld that we ran a competition with them. One lucky winner was delighted to receive a £200 John Lewis voucher from Peezy Midstream!

“Pop a midstream in there please love…” Placed in your hand is a container just 20mm wide. Whilst the contortions required to aim into this tiny tube can be quite comedic, the potential outcomes of inaccurate urine screening are less funny.

The trouble is that poor old urine doesn’t have a very prestigious reputation and is often provided in rinsed out spice or jam-jars. Its importance isn’t always acknowledged by the medical profession either: “it’s only urine!”

Urine is actually super-significant in antenatal screening because it is a window to your health and that of your unborn baby. Providing a contaminated sample for routine screening is a bit like asking a detective to look through the dirty window of a house and determine whether or not a crime has taken place within. A contaminated specimen means neither dipstick nor laboratory technician can identify problems with confidence. Over 5m antenatal screens each year mean that up to 1.5m women may not be getting accurate results.

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