09th June 2015

Peezy Midstream Prescription Request Letter is Here!

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of your Peezy Midstream Prescription Request letter as a handy download.

Just click on the link below to download the letter to your Midwife. It explains what Peezy Midstream does and provides all the information needed for your prescription. Your pharmacist will give you all the Peezy Midstream kits requested; you can get as many as you need for all your antenatal urine tests.

Peezy Midstream meets all the Public Health England UK Standards for Microbiology Investigation of Urine 2014 also accredited by NICE. It’s the only urine collection kit to offer accuracy and hygiene. You’ll find all the instructions you need on the pack. Easy Peezy!

Download your Peezy Midstream Prescription Request letter here.