Good clean health news for pregnant women


Accurate midstream sample
Dry hands and bottle
No start-stop-start

Good news for pregnant women: Peezy Midstream, the state of the art urine collection system used in private healthcare and the most diligent NHS Trusts is available on prescription, ideal for antenatal screening when no charges apply. GPs can prescribe as many kits as a woman needs for the duration of her pregnancy. Designed by a doctor (and made in Britain) Peezy Midstream can be kept and used at home, guaranteeing an accurate and clean specimen for antenatal screening. This unique system brings confidence and dignity to a hit-and-miss process ….

Unequivocal result
Dignity and hygiene
Reliable automatic MSU

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UK Standards for Microbiology Investigation of Urine 2014


Peezy Midstream design and efficacy meet recommendations from the latest Investigation of Urine report from Public Health England.
Exerpt 1 (pages 14 and 24):

Midstream urine (MSU) and clean-catch urine
MSU and clean catch urines are the most commonly collected specimens and are recommended for routine use.

Exerpt 2 page 21 of 46:
Specimen containers
The design must allow easy handling and, where necessary, reduce as far as possible contamination of, and leakage from, the device during use and, in the case of specimen receptacles, the risk of contamination of the specimen.


Issued by the Standards Unit, Microbiology Services, PHE
Bacteriology | B41 | Issue no: 7.2 | Issue date: 18.07.14

NHS Alliance Innovation in Action Award Shortlist

“We’re delighted to announce that Forte Medical has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Action Awards.”

And so began the e-mail that invited us to join the NHS Alliance crowd for the Award Ceremony, taking place at the end of the Breaking Boundaries and Beyond Conference, 6th December 2014.

In the august surroundings of the Royal Institute of British Architects, we will battle out the competition for this coveted gong.

TEDx Talk: From PA to PR … and what happened when the R fell off.

This talk was given by Giovanna Forte at a local TEDx event.

“A sassy, feisty education in blazing your own path and making it in business on your own terms. Giovanna Forte was leaning in way before it was a TED talk, and here she gives excellent advice on getting heard and getting ahead. Secretary at 18; mother and PR Agency founder at 26; Healthcare Entrepreneur and Manufacturesse at 42; Dementia Campaign founder at 50. Giovanna Forte has ridden the highs and lows of life and enterprise at full tilt. With the odd exception she has enjoyed every minute. Long may it continue.”

Silo Thinking at the NHS, Despite ‘Reforms’

NHS GP, Peezy inventor and Forte Medical co-founder, Dr Vincent Forte, wrote to the Financial Times following the recent debate on antibiotic resistance. Transcript below or on the Financial Times website here.


Government-sponsored research into pharmaceutical solutions to reduce antibiotic prescribing is all very well, but without a belt-and-braces philosophy of bacteriology sampling accuracy, and appropriate antibiotic prescribing, the same problem will keep recurring.

I am an NHS GP and have been in practice for 22 years. A little over a decade ago I questioned why female patients returned often more than once for the same urinary tract infection. I had treated them with a broad-spectrum antibiotic and expected their problem to subside. Closer investigation led me to understand that the specimens they were providing for diagnosis were often contaminated. It transpired that up to 30% of urine specimens are contaminated – that’s up to 22m specimens each year that cannot be read, wasting lab and clinician time and money and a whole pile of antibiotics that need not be prescribed with the consequent issues of fuelling the problem of antibiotic resistance.

I invented a low-tech but perfectly targeted specimen collection system, which has won an NHS and other Awards for its efficacy, hygiene and long-term cost savings. This system is not only low-tech but low cost at around 95p per patient. Its many benefits include right-first-time treatment, implicitly precluding the over prescribing of antibiotics. It has proven, peer reviewed and published clinical evidence.

The company I co-founded has been knocking on NHS doors for the last few years demonstrating the long term benefits and cost savings of our specimen collection system. Apart from some enlightened champions who understand the diagnostic implications of a clean specimen, we are met with negativity by a procurement body that refuses to countenance additional expenditure on a basic but critical process they hitherto have not invested in. Silo thinking remains alive and kicking in the NHS, notwithstanding “reforms”.

This intransigence is costing the healthcare system time, money and the serious matter of antibiotic overprescribing.


Dr Vincent Forte
Forte Medical Limited
London EC2

How a British Invention Inspired by Women Became a Diagnostic Aid for All

We’ve all had to do it. At the doctor’s surgery or at home: deliver a urine sample into a small bottle. It was this very performance that prompted a number of women to complain to their GP: “Its messy and unpleasant. This must have been invented by a man,” they said.

Being a caring and inventive sort, Dr Vincent Forte put his mind to improving the specimen collection process for his female patients. Examining the pattern of visits relating to UTI and other female complaints requiring urinalysis, he realised that many were returning for the same problem. This meant the first sample they gave was contaminated and no accurate reading could be made, no correct diagnosis deduced and usually, a broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribed. Meantime, they were less than comfortable ……

Read the whole article on how Peezy Midstream was developed and has become the gold standard for urinalysis across the UK improving diagnoses for millions.

A marvelous enterprise in its own right, Fresh Business Thinking is an online news and resource site for SMEs.

Design case study for new Peezy IFU by Luto

Luto, the specialist design business for pharma and medical devices instructions for use, share their process in creating the new Peezy Midstream IFU.

A team of design experts, medical professionals and lay contributors identified problems with the existing version and worked to devise clearer more comprehensive words and graphics that fit with the Peezy brand. After final, successful tests, the instructions now feature on every Peezy kit.

For additional ease of use, every case of 20 Peezys also includes a convenient, smart A4 laminated instruction sheet, handy for first-time nurse-to-patient explanation.

Read the Luto case study.

Design Week documents the Peezy Midstream journey

In 2009 Design Week awarded Peezy Best Of Show at their prestigious Awards. Being masters of design integrity, they have kept an eye on our progress since then. Impressed with the way we have developed Peezy within the market, so that it truly meets the real needs of patients, nurses and laboratories, they have documented our journey here. Thank you Design Week.