How a British Invention Inspired by Women Became a Diagnostic Aid for All

05th June 2014

We’ve all had to do it. At the doctor’s surgery or at home: deliver a urine sample into a small bottle. It was this very performance that prompted a number of women to complain to their GP: “Its messy and unpleasant. This must have been invented by a man,” they said.

Being a caring and inventive sort, Dr Vincent Forte put his mind to improving the specimen collection process for his female patients. Examining the pattern of visits relating to UTI and other female complaints requiring urinalysis, he realised that many were returning for the same problem. This meant the first sample they gave was contaminated and no accurate reading could be made, no correct diagnosis deduced and usually, a broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribed. Meantime, they were less than comfortable ……

Read the whole article on how Peezy Midstream was developed and has become the gold standard for urinalysis across the UK improving diagnoses for millions.

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