Forte Medical ABHI Texas Mission case study

As has been highlighted in other posts, the ABHI has been an incredibly useful partner in establishing Forte Medical in the US.  This webinar, held yesterday features our story as part of the ABHI’s US Market Overview Presentation.

To hear the presentation, register here.

Make sure your bladder is full | urine sample

Peezy Midstream: new evidence at RCOG2018 Annual Congress, Singapore

At the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Annual Congress in Singapore last week, Dr Michelle Jie presented her Abstract of results from the The Royal Surrey County Hospital Antenatal trial of Peezy Midstream.
The paper confirms that compared with a historic 15.9% MSUs sent inappropriately for culture, Peezy Midstream technology delivered specimen contamination of just 2.5%, with 70% of patients finding the device user-friendly.
Printable versions of the Abstract and the presentation of the detailed interim analysis of the trial progress which was given at the Forte Medical Forum in 2017 – shown above –  are available on request at

Why Femtech Shouldn’t Be A Checkbox Exercise

We were delighted to discuss with Paul Armstrong from Forbes and other entrepreneurs about the current state of Femtech start-ups and the challenges they face.   And those awkward conversations that are vital for the health of patients.  Read here for more and listen to the full podcast available to download here.

Urology Awareness Month

Forte Medical Forum 2017 Urine Trouble: why a diagnostic standard is overdue


Forte Medical Forum
26th September 2017, 0900-1400hrs
Royal College of Physicians, London

Our second annual Forum highlights the urgent need for a urine collection gold standard; disparate methods in use across the UK result in contamination rates that range from 0.3% to over 70%, making successful urine-based diagnostics a national lottery. Come and meet leading NHS and other game-changers who gather here to present the case for accurate basic medicine, without which Hospital Acquired Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance cannot be successfully challenged. Register at Eventbrite.

Forte Medical on TV

Daily Telegraph Business Reporter: accurate urine analysis is a national lottery.

Liquid gold: urine is the unsung hero of modern medicine & health economy

“In some parts of the UK over 70% of patients expecting to be diagnosed from their urine specimen, won’t be …”  Today’s Daily Telegraph Business Reporter series features a hard-hitting interview with Giovanna Forte, CEO of Forte Medical and George Kennedy, CBE, President of the ABHI, Association of British Healthcare Industries. The interview comes hand-in-glove with a detailed article. Read all about it with Business Reporter.

Latest Lifescience Industry magazine: Making urine collection more reliable

2017_May_UKLifeScienceUK Lifescience Magazine out online today features Forte Medical’s Peezy Midstream MedTech:

“For prompt diagnoses, right-first-time analysis is vital. Peezy Midstream enables clinicians to more readily identify problems and begin dealing with them.”

Read the whole article and explore this compelling magazine – here.

Shocking report: UTI test used by GPs gives wrong results in at least a fifth of cases

The Guardian newspaper today reports on a new clinical study that confirms the unreliability of  routine urine testing for Urinary Tract Infection.

Over 30m women suffer from UTI each year; current analysis methods leave millions untreated with a risk of developing a chronic condition. Forte Medical’s independently corroborated research reveals that up to and over 70% of urine tests are unreliable, pointing to serious deficiencies in urine collection methods in the UK. Read The Guardian’s article here and if you are a Healthcare Professional, contact us to find out how to implement diagnostic accuracy.

Forte Medical award

Forte Medical finalist in SEHTA Business Awards

Forte Medical: Innovation Finalist

The prestigious South East Health Technology Alliance Business Awards last night recognised Forte Medical and our Peezy Midstream MedTech.

The hotly contested Innovation Award saw the the company come second only to the cancer-busting Lightpoint Medical, whose work improves outcomes for cancer patients through image guided surgery.

“Cancer is the single most important, immediate and emotive disease,” said Giovanna Forte. “We are really proud that our unique preventative Peezy Midstream was finalist only to something so ground-breaking in the field of cancer.”

Urine collection Peezy Midstream

Why common urine-based diagnoses fail.

Reliable urine collection?

Read Giovanna’s post about woeful national results around urine specimen collection contamination rates – from 0.08% to 70.58% – that make accurate diagnoses a national lottery.

Current urine collection methods lead to unreliable results, delayed diagnoses and less than impressive patient outcomes.

This piece is available to read on LinkedIn.

NHS National Research Institute Usability Study Results

Forte Medical is delighted to release usability data on Peezy Midstream. The research was conducted by the NHS National Research Institute with the Trauma Management Healthcare Technology Cooperative, Birmingham University Hospital Trust and supported by the West Midlands AHSN.

Researchers recruited twenty patients with of equal gender balance, age range 36-45. The participants were provided information on the study and its purpose; they used only instructions provided on the pack.

The participants were asked a number of multiple choice questions relating to packaging, instructions, device use, device performance and future use. Please contact us for a pdf of the full report.

Headline results
100% said the instructions clearly explained how to use Peezy Midstream
95% felt confident using Peezy Midstream
94% said Peezy Midstream collected the sample easily
94% the instructions were easy to read
88% would be comfortable using Peezy Mistream again
82% captured the sample with little spillage
75% would recommend Peezy Midstream is used in future
70% did not need further instruction for using Peezy Midstream
65% removed the sample container easily
58% said the packaging was easy to remove