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Forte Medical meeting

Peezy Midstream: healthcare leaders, opinion formers and influencers on film.

Dr Liam Farrell talks with leading healthcare opinion formers and influencers about the need for better urine-based diagnostic pathways. Join them to hear how and why an innovation like Peezy Midstream can transform patient care and save lives.

Thanks to: Dr Liam Farrell, Medical Writer, retired NHS GP / Dr Vincent Forte, Inventor, retired NHS GP / Mr Ased Ali, Consultant Urological Surgeon / Michael Farrar, PwC Healthcare Consultant / Dr Sheena Byrom, Consultant Midwife / Jo Lambert, Matron Midwife / Jan Rogers, Chief Scientific Officer / Dr Neville Young, AHSN Director for Innovation

* Peezy Midstream Endorsements
* Why Midstream is important
* Making prescribing accurate
* Peezy in a High Tech Age
* Who is Peezy for?
* Accurate diagnosis
* The AHSN View
* Peezy for better Urology

Forte joins AMR Insights Ambassadors working to reduce global antibiotic immunity

Forte Medical CEO Giovanna Forte has joined the ranks of AMR Insights Ambassadors, a body of life sciences opinion formers and leaders committed to eliminating Antimicrobial resistance. AMR Insights does not accept that millions of innocent people need to die as a result of resistant bacteria and other microorganisms. Forte Medical’s work to reduce unnecessary prescribing through accurate urine specimen collection can contribute to the prevention of AMR growth. Read more about this influential campaigning organisation here.