“Rubbish In, Rubbish Out”

’Rubbish In, Rubbish Out’; if you don’t make the effort to collect the specimen properly, all the clever stuff that is done in the laboratories makes it pretty pointless.” – Dr Mark Wilks, Clinical Scientist and Prinicipal Microbiologist, Barts Health NHS Trust

This was one of a number of key messages from this year’s Forum and one that resonated throughout the various discussions around the role of urine in healthcare as a diagnostic element.

Other highlights saw

  • results shared of a recent trial of 680 women in an antenatal clinic that delivered a 70% reduction of false-positive urine specimens, leading to far lower unnecessary antibiotic prescribing as well as more personalised clinical care;
  • greater education is needed to empower patients and the public as a whole about urine, urological conditions and to breakdown the taboo of talking about it
  • attitudinal change is needed within the health sector at all levels with the introduction of a Director of innovation with funding for training to enable adoption and spread
  • overwhelming agreement of insufficient emphasis being placed on urine for diagnostic purposes – and that change on this front was more likely to be successful if politically driven.

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Date for diary – the next Forte Medical Forum is:  Wednesday, 18th September 2019.