NHS National Research Institute Usability Study Results

15th February 2017

Forte Medical is delighted to release usability data on Peezy Midstream. The research was conducted by the NHS National Research Institute with the Trauma Management Healthcare Technology Cooperative, Birmingham University Hospital Trust and supported by the West Midlands AHSN.

Researchers recruited twenty patients with of equal gender balance, age range 36-45. The participants were provided information on the study and its purpose; they used only instructions provided on the pack.

The participants were asked a number of multiple choice questions relating to packaging, instructions, device use, device performance and future use. Please contact us for a pdf of the full report.

Headline results
100% said the instructions clearly explained how to use Peezy Midstream
95% felt confident using Peezy Midstream
94% said Peezy Midstream collected the sample easily
94% the instructions were easy to read
88% would be comfortable using Peezy Mistream again
82% captured the sample with little spillage
75% would recommend Peezy Midstream is used in future
70% did not need further instruction for using Peezy Midstream
65% removed the sample container easily
58% said the packaging was easy to remove

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