Dr Liam Farrell, Primary Care Advisor to Forte Medical

10th July 2019

Forte Medical is delighted to welcome Dr Liam Farrell as Advisor to the company on Primary Care matters.

A UCD Graduate, Liam was a family doctor in Crossmaglen for 20 years and MacMillan Fellow in Palliative Care during the 1990s. His award-winning columns have been collected into an erudite, amusing and often touching book Are you the F**king Doctor? These appeared in a cross section of titles including British Medical Journal, the Lancet, Journal of General Practice and GP Magazine.

“Understanding what primary care needs are around the most common routine diagnostic process of urine collection and analysis is fundamental to our work,” said Giovanna Forte, CEO of Forte Medical. “Liam’s experience on the primary care front line gives us an idea of what GPs really have to deal with, how we can improve their lot and what difference our tech can make to them, their prescribing patterns and waiting lists. The right tone of voice in communicating these messages is essential and we’ll be looking to Liam to help us hit the right note. Having read his book, I can’t think of anyone better.”