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Forte Medical meeting

Peezy Midstream: healthcare leaders, opinion formers and influencers on film.

Dr Liam Farrell talks with leading healthcare opinion formers and influencers about the need for better urine-based diagnostic pathways. Join them to hear how and why an innovation like Peezy Midstream can transform patient care and save lives.

Thanks to: Dr Liam Farrell, Medical Writer, retired NHS GP / Dr Vincent Forte, Inventor, retired NHS GP / Mr Ased Ali, Consultant Urological Surgeon / Michael Farrar, PwC Healthcare Consultant / Dr Sheena Byrom, Consultant Midwife / Jo Lambert, Matron Midwife / Jan Rogers, Chief Scientific Officer / Dr Neville Young, AHSN Director for Innovation

* Peezy Midstream Endorsements
* Why Midstream is important
* Making prescribing accurate
* Peezy in a High Tech Age
* Who is Peezy for?
* Accurate diagnosis
* The AHSN View
* Peezy for better Urology