Peezy Midstream 98.5% accurate urine specimen collection

Expecting a laboratory technician to analyse a contaminated specimen is like asking a detective to solve a crime through a dirty window.

Giovanna Forte
CEO, Forte Medical

Peezy Mid-stream

An average of 250,000 urine specimens analysed each week in the UK will develop mixed growth; this means that every day 45,000 patients cannot be accurately diagnosed and treated.

Peezy Midstream is 98.5% accurate, hygienic and dignified; it is the only urine collection method that meets Public Health England UK Standards for Microbiology Collection of Urine and other guidelines.

You will see from our one-minute film that unlike other urine collection systems, Peezy Midstream rejects the first (often contaminated)

8-10ml of urine; the unique technology isolates and captures the important midstream and rejects excess urine into the toilet. It cannot overflow, is clean and dignified.

Download the NHS National Research Institute’s report, carried in association with the West Midlands AHSN: Peezy (TM) Usability Report 300117.

Our cost savings model can be applied to the specimen volumes and mixed-growth rates of any healthcare provider in the world. For more evidence, information and Peezy Mistream samples, please contact us.

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