Right-first-time urine specimen collection. Because prevention is safer than cure.

Peezy Midstream

Peezy Midstream takes the guesswork out of diagnosis and treatment.

"Up to and over 70% of all UK urine specimens taken for diagnoses are unreliable; this most common process urgently needs a protocol."

Giovanna Forte,
CEO, Forte Medical

Prevention saves lives; it is the single most important aspect of healthcare. Technology that promotes early identification of infection or cancer means clinicians can act fast, with the right treatment.

Urine is one of the most important carriers of cancer biomarkers, bacteria, protein, glucose and more, all of which can raise the alarm to serious conditions that should receive prompt attention. Midstream is the gold standard specimen for accuracy, although not always easy to obtain, especially from children, elderly or pregnant patients.

Forte Medical has developed Peezy Midstream, the most accurate way to collect urine specimens today; this ingenious example of highly engineered British MedTech promotes prompt, accurate diagnoses and can save health providers millions in direct and efficiency savings.

The company is now developing Peezy First Stream to enhance the accuracy of novel early stage cancer urine tests and Peezy Stool to make sample collection more dignified and hygienic. Also high on our list of product development is the Peezy Detector, designed to bring integrity to sports dope testing.