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Peezy Midstream 10ml

Peezy Midstream 10ml

Like blood, urine is used for diagnosis and treatment that saves lives. Yet in this basic area of medicine, where 65 million urine specimens are analyzed annually in the UK, unreliable mixed growth rates vary from 0.38% to over 73%, wasting time, money and jeopardising the health of the nation.

For essential and basic clinical investigations, urine is not a waste product but the window to patient health. Forte Medical is proud to present important new evidence on gold standard specimen collection for clinical improvement, innovation, cost and efficiency savings. Download from the links below.

“This is a cross-silo solution that can save time and money for the NHS.”  Microbiology translational research manager, major London NHS Trust.

Quality Improvement Audit, Barts Health NHS Trust (interim results)
Professor Frank Chinegwundoh MHE, Consultant Urological Surgeon

The innovation role of Peezy Midstream within the NHS
James Barlow, Professor of Technology & Innovation Management, Imperial College Business School

Peezy website image_04Feb16“Urine analysis is as important clinically as blood testing, but rarely enjoys the same stringent sampling standards,” says Award-winning inventor of Peezy Midstream, Dr Vincent Forte. “Urine analysis is a vital diagnostic tool in many clinical areas. Hit-and-miss collection is unacceptable.”

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Peezy: best practice for antenatal screening.

Pregnant woman rightAntenatal clinics around the UK use Peezy Midstream for right-first-time screening, hygiene and patient dignity.

An accurate MSU can help identify pre-eclampsia, maternal diabetes, UTI and confirm the good health of mother and baby.

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