Specimen collection is an essential, yet overlooked, area of basic medicine.

Peezy Midstream

Diagnostic innovation: making midstream mainstream.

Asking a laboratory technician to analyse a contaminated specimen is like asking a detective to solve a crime through a dirty window.

Giovanna Forte,
CEO, Forte Medical

Forte Medical focuses purely and simply on specimen collection, a process integral to clinical excellence. We ensure that accurate analysis, diagnosis and treatment are implicit to routine medicine; in an era of growing antimicrobial resistance, targeted prescribing also delivers the best possible long term patient care and safety. Right first time patient care is at the heart of our work.

Having developed the world’s first midstream urine specimen collection system, we are developing Peezy First Stream to enhance the accuracy of novel early stage cancer urine tests and Peezy Stool to make sample collection more dignified and hygienic. Also high on our list of product development is the Peezy Detector, designed to bring integrity to sports dope testing.