Peezy Midstream USA

Urine analysis impacts routine medicine as well as pre-natal, diabetic and cancer conditions. Get it right first time.

Peezy Mid-streamAccurate urine specimens are essential to the integrity of diagnoses and treatment of myriad routine and more serious conditions. The annual cost of unreliable specimens to US health providers and insurers is an estimated $718m.

Urine is potentially infectious and its collection should be accurate, hygienic and dignified.

Peezy Midstream is the world’s first technology to deliver integrity to urine based medicine and can help tackle huge health inequalities across the USA:

  • 277m urine tests sent for analysis annually
  • 20% is the average contamination rate
  • 55.2m failed analyses at $13 each

Peezy™ Midstream is supplied in cases of 20 units / 720 units to one pallet.

Code & contents:
PE50: 10ml Primary Tube + Peezy funnel
PE51: 10ml Primary Tube + Boric + Peezy funnel

To buy Peezy Midstream please contact one of our distributors in the USA:

New Day Technologies

MedAlliance Group

Download the Forte_Peezy_US_Stats and data document to see more about the urgent need for urine specimen integrity in the USA.